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How to Host an Incredible Party at Your Favorite Bar

Organizing a drinks party is fun, but you need a lot of stuff to put it together. From drinks to glassware and bartending expertise, the list appears long if you plan an event at home. Hosting it at a bar is a far better option as you need not invest big money. Moreover, you get a seasoned bartender to mix drinks and serve them to your guests in their quintessential style. But you must still do some basic prep to make the event a success. Here are some tips to host an incredible party at your favorite bar.

Prepare your guest list mindfully

Although getting your guest list in place does not seem like a big deal, you must still do it mindfully. The key factor is the age of your guests because you must adhere to the legal age limit set for drinking in American bars. Also, decide on the number of guests depending on your budget and the space constraints of the venue. A close gang of like-minded people makes the best entries on your guest list.

Choose a theme

Choosing a theme for your bar bash is an excellent way to make it memorable. Your guests will enjoy even more when you ask them to dress up in outfits matching a retro or sci-fi theme. You can even ask the bartender to create some interesting drinks to go with the tone of the theme. Being a little experimental with drinks and the menu adds to the thrill of the event.

Reserve your slot

This one is a no-brainer if you want enough space to get everyone seated and served well. Crowded venues like Rubbish Bar may already be full when you arrive with your group, so reserving your slot makes sense. You can also give the staff a heads-up about your expectations regarding the menu, drinks, music, and service. They will surely go the extra mile to plan a perfect event for you.

Be a great host

Besides making proper arrangements at the venue, you must be a great host. Attend everyone and ensure they have a good time. Of course, everyone will expect you to have a drink with them, but it can take you over the top with alcohol intake. Get smart and share one drink with multiple guests. Also, make sure that everyone gets enough but stays within limits.

Arrange a drop-off service

Arranging a drop-off service for your guests is a part of hosting a drinks party at your favorite bar. Since you cannot ask them for a sleepover, sending them home safely is your responsibility. The last thing you want to deal with is your guests being apprehended for drunken driving while returning home. You can designate a sober driver for the event or book cabs for your friends. Just make sure they do not get behind the wheel.

Hosting a memorable drinks bash at your favorite bar requires some planning. But a little prep takes you a long way to make it fun and safe. Following these tips is enough to do it all.


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