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Media Mogul Byron Allen To Bid for NFL Team Washington Commanders

Media entrepreneur Byron Allen is preparing a second bid this year to acquire the NFL franchise Washington Commanders, according to folks familiar with the situation.

According to those same people, Allen is working alongside an investor group. Just back in February, Allen said he was also preparing a bid for the Denver Broncos following an “approach by both NFL commissioner Roger Goodell and New England Patriots owner Robert Kraft about ownership,” according to Bloomberg.

Denver was subsequently purchased by a group led by Robert Walton, the owner of Walmart, in a $4.65 billion sale, which cleared the field of potential rivals. With professional franchises remaining highly sought assets for the wealthy, the value of the teams has soared and kept sales competitive.

Still, Allen’s plans could change.

But if Allen succeeds in buying the Commanders, he will become the first Black majority owner of an NFL team, easing some alleged controversies pertaining to race, social justice and sexism. Former Miami Dolphins head coach Brian Flores in February sued the league, as well as three teams, alleging racial discrimination in hiring practices. The NFL, though, denied those reports, labeling them “without merit.”

Current Commander owner Daniel Snyder has been accused of “fostering a toxic workplace.”

As a television station owner and the head honcho of The Grio, Allen has engaged in high-profile battles vying for economic inclusion against the likes of McDonald’s Corp, and General Motors Co., alleging discrimination against Black-owned media platforms. Allen also took the fight to Comcast Corp., extending as far as the US Supreme Court.


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