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5 Popular Chevy Truck Models

Chevy trucks are an integral part of motoring folklore and there are loads of truck models that have proved to be much-loved by their owners.

If you are in the market for a new truck you will almost certainly be drawn to the Chevy 3500 truck with its imposing looks and design that pays testament to the enduring popularity history of a brand that has produced its fair share of classics.

Let’s take a look at some of the most popular Chevy truck models and share some of the reasons why they proved to be such a hit with discerning drivers.

This model was the epitome of the American Dream

Back in 1947 Chevrolet introduced the Advanced Design truck series. Its launch coincided with a period of prosperity for families and this truck managed to tick all the boxes for customers who wanted style and comfort.

Not surprisingly, this pick-up managed to outsell its rivals right up to 1955, when it was time for a new model to hit the showrooms. Once you saw those imposing flowing chrome bumpers and the oversized hood many found it a model that was hard to resist.

Setting the blueprint for what became the classic Chevy look

Next on the list is the C/K, which was produced between 1973 and 1975.

It may have only been produced for a couple of years but set the design blueprint for Chevy trucks spanning 50 years. It was even responsible for introducing the Silverado nameplate.

The 454 SS is highly-prized among collectors

Introduced in 1990, the 454 SS was only made for four years but it proved to be a very popular Chevy because it was a truck that very much managed to punch above its weight.

In a nutshell, one of the biggest reasons why this model is so collectible is because Chevy managed to fit the biggest engine possible into the smallest possible pickup frame. The result was a Chevy with a lot of attitude.

The very first truck that started it all

Back in 1918, Chevrolet introduced its half ton and one ton model 490. It was designed to be a work vehicle and it announced the company’s intention to square up to Ford.

Starting a competition and ongoing debate amongst motor enthusiasts that has endured over the years.

This model confirmed Chevy's dominance of the pickup market

Last but not least for the list, the 1937-39 half ton model that managed to deliver satisfaction in terms of providing a good level of functionality with a touch of luxury.

This meant that the Chevy half ton appealed to a wide audience and could be considered a family car as well as a reliable workhorse.

A lot of motoring enthusiasts tend to consider that this model proved to be the dawn of a new era for Chevrolet. Setting the standard for future models and creating a reputation for quality that still very much exists today.

The very latest Chevy models are very much the sort of truck that meets all the needs and aspirations of today’s drivers. The historic models highlighted here demonstrate why it is a brand that is so highly respected and admired by so many motorists.


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