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Rick Ross Launches ‘Boss Forever’ NFT Collection With Hitpiece Platform

One of the most well-known rap moguls in today’s hip-hop and an organization known for making it easy to create and buy authentic music artist non-fungible tokens (NFTs) will be working together as partners.

Rick Ross and HitPiece announced a partnership this week. The platform will produce and launch Rick Ross’ upcoming Genesis NFT collection, which will include 200 unique NFTs of Rick Ross’ digital avatars.

What is a non-fungible token or an NFT? According to, an NFT is “a digital asset that has a unique identity recorded in a database." In other words, it’s a unique bit of internet content that has a “record” that allows its ownership to be tracked as it’s traded.

Collectors of the unique NFTs will receive VIP access to Rick Ross’ world within the Metaverse, which is called “Boss Land.” The “Boss Land" is supposed to be “an immersive experience of his Promise Land property with mythical aspects.” Fans can also tour the metaverse property, which includes a zoo and a swimming pool filled with champagne.

Additionally, each NFT will come with a merchandise package that will include an autograph copy of one of Rick Ross’ books. Even rarer NFTs will give fans access to a custom velour jumpsuit, a special apparel item worn by Ross and a Facetime session with Ross once a year. Five Ultra Rare tokens will allow those a chance to visit the rapper’s 235-plus acre Promise Land property outside of Atlanta, and a 1/1 NFT collector will get a 1/1 necklace custom-made of their avatar.

“I thought I crashed the NFT market, but now I’m here to make it even bigger,” Rick Ross said. “[I]f the boss is in the metaverse, then it’s the place to be.”

Ross and other investors, including Pelion Ventures, were involved with Hitpiece’s $5 million Seed round. The funding is being used to continue the development of the leading music blockchain platform that specializes in collectibles and experiences, and will assist the company pioneer the web3 and metaverse space.

The mainstream rapper already engaged with the web3 community, launching an automotive NFT in 2021, but this will be his first collection for fans.

Music executive Rory Felton and serial entrepreneur Jeff Burningham created the music NFT marketplace in August to focus on intellectual property rights for artists and a partnership with Audible Magic — the leader in identifying music rights that allow music use by social media platforms, NFT marketplaces, metaverses and gaming applications.

“HitPiece has always been about giving music fans and supporters unique and exclusive ways to engage with the artist and their content,” Felton said. “We are excited to have Rick Ross as an early adopter and partner as we continue to expand our suite of tools and offerings for music creators, collectors and fans.”

Those who purchase Rick Ross NFTs will also have access to The Lounge – the ultimate listening room in the Metaverse.

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Jeronimo Sekiro
Jeronimo Sekiro
Nov 03, 2023


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