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Miguel Wilson Prepares for the 5th Annual Atlanta Fashion & Polo Classic

Over the past five years, philanthropist, designer, and visionary Miguel Wilson has partnered with local businesses in the Atlanta area to bring the annual Fashion and Polo Classic to life.

Birthed from the love of the sport but also the lack of diversity on the polo field, Miguel decided to combine his passion and influence to create an event that has taken on a life of its own. "I have to expose our culture to something that I've been privileged and had the opportunity to be a part of," says Miguel.

Now celebrating its fifth year, Miguel reflects on the continued growth of the event. "I've had different inspirations along the way to keep doing it. Initially, it was just about exposing people to it, and then it turned into being a luxury event with African American businesses supporting it. At our event, we have Black chefs, we serve Black spirits, Black-owned alcohol companies, and Black-owned wines. We have Black designers, we even have Black polo players playing polo. It's really is really geared towards Black excellence on a level that most people never even thought of."

This year, we can expect a weekend full of experiences that include complimentary gourmet food options, signature cocktails, party tents, live music, cigar lounges, two polo games, equestrian exhibitions, and a fashion experience, while guests are dressed in their best derby attire. Miguel says, "If someone would have told me that we would be doing this five years later on this level, I wouldn't have believed it".

The 5th Annual Polo Match will be held Sunday, October 9, 12:00 pm - 6:00 pm, at the Horse Mansion at Bouckaert Farm, 10045 Cedar Grove Rd., Fairburn, GA 30215.

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