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How to Develop Your Business on Instagram. Top 6 Effective Methods

Have you been putting off your dream of starting your own page for the brand for a long time, but finally decided? On the way, you will find many difficulties and problems that will need to be solved. Today we will talk about one of the most important tasks in the development of your own brand’s resource — promotion. At the moment there are many social media, but Instagram is still one of the most successful. According to statistics, more than 1,100 photos are uploaded to this platform every second! In this article, we will talk about how to effectively promote your company using Instagram.

Method 1: create a content plan. To do this, you will need a table in which you need to add topics for future posts and add photos to them. This will significantly save you time in the future and ensure regular publications. It is best to create a plan for the month ahead with 3-4 publications per week and clearly follow it. Note which posts cause users to react more actively and post on these topics more often.

Method 2: make reels. Use all your creative potential. Repeat popular trends, make funny sketches related to your brand’s life, short expert videos or collections with life hacks. IG itself is interested in promoting videos that other users like. Therefore, the more often people watch your reels, share them with friends and write comments, the more likely they are to get into recommendations. Upload videos every day (or even better, several times a day) — so the chances of success increase significantly.

Method 3: promote your product, service or content through pages of other bloggers. Make several advertising posts and offer mutually beneficial cooperation to other novice bloggers related to your field of activity. You can also use local news media to talk about your product or service.

Method 4: use modern secret methods. Don't miss the opportunity to buy real Instagram followers. Such subscribers increase the activity on the page well (they like, write comments, watch stories), so Insta will eventually begin to promote your publications to other users. So many small and medium-sized brands’ accounts start this way because it works.

Method 5: use targeted advertising. This method will be especially effective after the previous one, as your account will look more active and attractive. You can set up ads through the platform itself or using Facebook. Before that, carefully study all the rules, because your account may be permanently blocked for violation.

Method 6: conduct contests and sweepstakes. This way you can increase audience loyalty and attract new subscribers to your account. To let more people know about the contest, it is best to advertise through other bloggers. The main difficulty of this method of promotion is to retain a new audience. So you will need to do everything possible to get your new subs interested.

On the way to creating your own branded page, you will encounter many difficulties that relate not only to the promotion of your own company, but also many other things. Therefore, we recommend that you study the article with tips that really work. Starting your own thing from scratch is not easy, but with proper patience, motivation and effort, everything will definitely work out.


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