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The Most Popular Games Among Men in 2022

In the past, playing games, especially on a computer or console, was looked down on as a lesser hobby than older alternatives like movies, television, music and books. This was always unfair because playing games, especially to a high level, requires a lot of skill, patience, and hand-eye coordination.

Studies have also shown that playing games can have cognitive benefits. In fact, one meta-study in 2018 examined 35 other research projects and found they almost all concluded that games allowed people to multitask more effectively, regulate emotions better, and perform mental tasks more efficiently.

At the same time, social attitudes to playing video games have changed, with many non-traditional gaming demographics also taking up the hobby.

With this social revolution taking place, gaming has become incredibly popular among men of all ages. Of course, sophisticated gentlemen have different playing preferences from other people, leading to particular titles becoming very popular among the demographic.

Grand Theft Auto V

The older Grand Theft Auto titles had graphics that were very cartoon-like. This changed following the release of GTA IV for the seventh-generation consoles and continued after GTA V was released in 2013.

As the game transitioned to a more realistic style, it’s become incredibly popular among gents.

GTA is a game where you get to cruise around in fancy cars, pull off crazy stunts, and mix with unsavory characters while you try to build up a business empire. Even if you can’t do all of this in real life, it’s certainly fun to do it in the Grand Theft Auto world.

Gonzo’s Quest

Slot games have been a hit ever since the first ones were created back in the 1800s. They have, however, become a lot more sophisticated in the time that’s elapsed since then.

Instead of three mechanical reels springing into action with every spin, modern games use computer-generated graphics to create dynamic reels with differently-sized symbols, multiple paylines, bonus rounds, and exciting animations. These slot games come in all shapes and sizes, with themes created to appeal to just about every player.

For the more refined gentleman, Gonzo’s Quest is a popular choice. This Megaways video slot offers players over one hundred thousand paylines by varying the size of the reels with every spin.

Themed around ancient Mayan temples, the slot tells the story of Gonzo, a strapping Spanish explorer who heads to the lost city of El Dorado in search of treasures. It’s a character many men can look up to, making Gonzo’s Quest one of the best-loved slot games among men.

Gran Turismo 7

Gran Turismo has long been a popular game for gentlemen. Unlike the unrealistic mechanics of arcade driving games, GT offers unrivaled realism and hundreds of real-world cars to add to your digital garage. Unlike some racing games, where gimmicks like power-ups and unrealistic physics are thrown in to spice up the action, Gran Turismo is a simulator that seeks to replicate the real experience of competitive racing.

The latest installment from the franchise, Gran Turismo 7 offers the highest level of realism yet. With ray tracing graphics technology, improved physics, and a new selection of cars, it is the perfect choice for car connoisseurs everywhere.

Football Manager 2022

Football Manager 2023 will be hitting shelves at the end of November but, until then, the 2022 edition remains incredibly popular.

Unlike other sports games, such as NBA Playgrounds, FIFA and Madden, Football Manager is much more sophisticated, providing a challenge of strategy that really works your noggin.

Instead of controlling the individual players as they run around the pitch, this game puts you in the shoes of the manager standing on the touchline. Your task is to create the perfect squad, train them to work together and understand your strategies, and make changes to your tactics in reaction to what’s happening on the pitch.

Football Manager is so sophisticated and realistic that it actually has an impact on the sport in the real world. On at least two occasions, players have been called up to a national team after their managers discovered they were eligible through the game. The most recent of these was Ben Brereton in 2020, who now plays for Chile.

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