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Aldis Hodge and Sarah Shahi Talk 'Black Adam' at the Atlanta Premiere

We've been looking forward to the DC Comics film Black Adam since it was announced that Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson would be starring in it. But the day is upon us as the film is set to premiere in theaters on October 21.

On the red carpet of the Atlanta premiere, we caught up with Aldis Hodge ( who plays Hawkman) and Sarah Shahi ( who plays Adrianna) to discuss the film and its impact.

On why a film with Black superheroes was important, Aldis shares:

Representation is everything. And for me, what I've been telling people and what I keep saying because I believe it is that when I put on a superhero suit I'm putting on dreams. Talking about years and years of people fighting to get seen, and a place of normalcy. To be seen and accepted and invited because they are valid, they're counted and their valued.

When you see Black Adam, you have a cast of primarily Black and brown. It speaks volumes to other little Black and brown kids to let them know that it is normal to see themselves in the spaces of prominence and it's normal for them to think of themselves in these areas where we oftentimes have not. So we are a part of the progressive conversation that has changed the status quo. And that, for me, is really the grandest value when it comes to representation as an artist is that you get to be a part of something bigger than you. Hopefully, we are part of the bigger cultural shift that's happening right now with this film.

Aldis also shares that he wasn't intimidated by squaring up with The Rock.

No, not at all. I'll say this for just advice for anybody who's in any lane, your only competition is yourself. When I think about The Rock, I think about the magnitude of his career. And me stepping into the space, whenever I join a space with somebody I say, "I share the space with you because I am of the same caliber as you. So there I feel comfortable standing next to somebody who is that massive in efficacy and sort of influence. But also, when you deal with DJ... DJ is very much a collaborator. He's a teammate. He's the guy who's gonna bring you in and help teach you because he wants everybody to really win. He's gonna celebrate us and give us a platform as you're seeing with the film. So, I don't feel intimidation. I feel like I'm with teammates who are going to help make you better. And that's exactly what we have on the set from everybody.

Sarah shares how much fun it was shooting Black Adam.

It was so much fun to shoot. I mean, yes, it was incredibly challenging. We moved at a snails pace, because it is so technical to do a movie of this scale with this much CGI and effects. But we all genuinely love each other. Like, this is my brother [Aldis Hodge]. We work with each other on a show called City on the Hill years ago. So then to be reunited in this capacity, it's like, he makes me feel so safe. I adore him. But the whole cast was like that. DJ is just incredible. He really does kind of set the tone. And he's a very grounded individual for as large as his life is. He makes himself accessible to you, but yeah, it was a joy. I couldn't wait to come to work because I really wanted to hang out with him. It was fun.

Check out the full interview here.

Black Adam hits theaters October 21.

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