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5 Cool and Classy Poker Night Alternatives

As men grow older, one of the most common activities they engage in is playing poker. Even though this is an excellent way to get together with friends and have fun, there are alternative ways to do so as well. You can also try other options, like hosting a home casino party; there are plenty of ways to take your guy's night up a notch. Let's take a closer look at a few cool and classy poker night alternatives.

Casino Party

If you and your friends enjoy a good game of poker, why not stretch your gambling talents to other games? You can rent a few professional casino games with dealers and enjoy a full casino-themed night that you will remember forever. You can ramp up the odds by pledging the night's winnings to your favorite group charity.

Beer Tasting

Regardless of what activity you choose for your next guy's night, it's likely that beer will be involved. Talk to your local breweries about hosting a private beer tasting. You can try different craft beer flights from local breweries and compare your choices.

Video Game Tournament

The chances are that you and your friends have spent many of your youthful hours playing video games with each other. The best way to spend the evening would be spending it playing a variety of vintage video games during an organized tournament. In order to relive your childhood memories together as a group of friends, it's fun to play the games you loved as a kid together.

Cigars and Whiskey

Why not take your guy's night up a notch and give it a touch of class and maturity? There are few more masculine and mature moments than enjoying a fine glass of whiskey and a cigar with your friends. If you want to class up your next guy's night, invest in a good bottle of sipping whiskey and a box of fine cigars to enjoy with your friends.

Escape Room

There is no doubt that escape rooms have become a popular form of entertainment in recent years across the country. In several themed facilities, you and your guests will be required to solve puzzles and riddles in order to escape. A timer may add to the tension and fun of the experience, depending on the adventure that you are taking part in.

Escape Room providers might be available in your area, or you might be able to host your own. It is pretty easy to set up your Escape Room adventure with the help of the many tutorials available online. You can choose a theme, put together a few puzzles and riddles, and let the fun begin.

Guy's night doesn't have to be just a weekly game of poker. While there is nothing wrong with playing a few rounds of cards, you don't want your gatherings to become boring. If you and your buddies are up for something new, try one of these poker night alternatives and find something new for your next guy's night.

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