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Keon Davis Dives into Healthy Eating with Smooth N Groove Lifestyle Brand

Keon Davis has been conquering the world of entertainment and entrepreneurship one endeavor at a time. Over the course of his career, Keon has become an author, star of Revolt TV’s digital series, Bet On Black, taken a bigger role as a health advocate and launched his Smooth N Groove brand. We recently had a conversation where he shared some of his personal experiences that have allowed him to see growth in this market.

When we began to chat about what the Smooth N Groove Brand is, Keon described it as:

Smooth N Groove is becoming a lifestyle brand where we're bringing healthy, beneficial food, products, drinks, smoothies, and anything that you can think of to help your body become healthy from the inside out.

On how he ended up in the healthy food industry, Keon shares.

To be honest man, I think I was chosen. It chose me I didn't choose it. I think the beauty of that is that the skills and the experiences that I had previous to this set me up for this. In college, I threw all the parties. I was cutting hair. I was playing sports. I pledged Kappa. All of those different components I use here. It's a party feel. It's the atmosphere. It's the promotion. It's the hustle. It's the personal customer service from cutting hair, to getting to know each individual person. All of those components help me in this space to help me thrive.

See the full interview below.

Keon is definitely a force to be reconned with as not only one of Atlanta's premier healthy eating lifestyle brands but as expansion continues, the world will get the chance to experience the Smooth N Groove Brand.

For more information or updates on Smooth ‘N Groove, follow them on Facebook or Instagram or visit


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