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[Event] Learn How to Grow Your Social Media at the Futuro Digital Conference

The New York Latino Film Festival's Futuro Digital Conference, presented by The Quintessential Gentleman and American Airlines, returns with a day-long forum spotlighting leaders and top social influencers in digital content (creators and distributors), mobile app companies and mobile technology leader strategists in the market.

The Futuro Digital Conference is the premier digital destination for Latin, LatinX, and Black creatives to have their voices amplified and share a space for community building, networking, and business development. With a mission to bring conversations from top thought-leaders, executives and influencers in the digital space, this year's conference will give attendees the ability to take their careers to new heights.

Doors Open at 12:30 pm

Location: Julia De Burgos Cultural Arts Center | 1680 Lexington Ave, New York, NY 10029

System Overload: Socials, Mental Health and Me (1:00 PM)

Are we taking mental health seriously, or is social media and brands turning the conversation into a money-making gimmick? Futuro Digital Conference kicks off with a conversation between The Quintessential Gentleman founder Eric K. Thomas and mental health advocate Jarred Denzel. The two will discuss why it is vital to prioritize mental health in an ever-growing technology-driven society.

Panelists: Jarred Denzel Keller (Mental Health Advocate) and Eric K. Thomas (Editor-in-Chief of The Quintessential Gentleman)

Level Up: Squad Goals (1:45 PM)

There’s no “I” in team. Learn about the people, tips, and tools you need to expand your social influence and take your career to the next level. Make no mistake, it takes a village to accomplish your goals, despite the career you are striving for. Team work makes the dream work, and the entertainment industry is a great example of how teams can make magic happen. During this panel, our audience will learn when it’s the right time to build a team, what are the roles and responsibilities of a manager and a publicist, the importance of networking, reading the fine print: contracts, partnerships and deals, and navigating social media platforms to reach YOUR audience!

Panelists: Myqsuccess (Talent Manager at T.H.I.S. Group), Johnny Donovan (Publicist at J Donovan Publicity), Derrian Perry ( CEO & Founder of I Am Phreshy), Dennis Gonzalez (Talent Manager at The Green Room)

Moderated By: Cristy Clavijo-Kish (Talent & Influencer Management at Talento Unlimited)

Taking Center Stage Panel (3:00 PM)

You’ll be laughing to the bank as we show you how to turn funny videos into a comedy career. With new-age technology, those who were once called “class clowns” have been able to turn their love for making people laugh into a big business. From going viral to brand partnerships, these comedians know how to extend 15 minutes of fame. Learn from top experts how to go from viral skits to profits, how to find your niche, why it is more attractive to build your career digitally, how to capitalize on your viral moments and tips for taking your comedy offline.

Panelists: Maleni Cruz (Social Media Influencer), KenStarrrz (Social Media Influencers), NuevaYol (Social Media Influencer), Stacey (Stace Face) Wade (Social Media Influencer).

Moderator: Justin D. Jenkins (Managing Editor of The Quintessential Gentleman)

60 Seconds to Stardom Panel (4:15 PM)

We’re helping you navigate social media to turn your fanbase into streams. Music has changed over the years, and the way consumers are introduced to new music has also changed. Streaming wars are here to stay and when music meets technology, we get a rise of artists who found success in the digital era. Learn if “going viral” pays (music royalties), how to turn your likes into plays, mainstream versus You Stream!, and mobilizing your fanbase copyright or copy, right? (swagger jacking & ownership)

Panelists: Nico Machlitt (Associate Manager of Digital Marketing at Vevo), Stephanie Diaz Mattos (Head of Music Supervision at Raedio), and Dion Baez (Artist Marketing Manager at YouTube Music).

Moderator: Eric K. Thomas (Editor-in-Chief at The Quintessential Gentleman)

5:30 PM – 6:30 PM – Influencers Reception

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