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Durand Bernarr Releases New Single 'Lil Bit' Ahead of Upcoming Sophomore Album 'Wanderlust'

We’ve already deemed the one and only Durand Bernarr as the king of gangster musical theatre. Once again, it’s a sound that only he can top and excel at. It’s his style. Recently, we featured Durand as a singer who not only moves to his own beat. But he’s for the culture of living life and speaking your truth without ceasing, which he speaks through his actions and his style.

Recently, Durand announced his upcoming sophomore album, Wanderlust, and released a new single titled Lil Bit. After listening to this track, we can't wait to hear what this album will offer. This is music that feels good when you listen to it. Put on those earphones or turn up the car radio and blast this track because it will have you moving.

The track talks about being in love with your one and only baby, and he/she only needs to be fine to you, and you only. In the song, the lyric that stands out the most is, “Beauty don’t work for me, that’s not what I need. Cause I need my baby a little bit ugly”. Now, if that doesn’t catch your ear then you should play it back one more time.

As mentioned, being beautiful for just your one and only person is the true message here. Staying true to your mate is all that matters. The song also goes on to talk about how self-centered some people can be as well. It's no crime to be self-assured, but sometimes people feel that being too fine can make someone cocky.

All in all, the song is giving good vibes to those who listen. It’s a good song, and there is more heat to come from Durand.

You can stream the song on all music streaming platforms. Check out the video below.

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