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How Busy Dads Beat the Time Crunch

Are you a single or married dad who sometimes feels like there's not enough time to get everything done? Actually, that's a common complaint among fathers who struggle to pay attention to their careers and raise a family at the same time. The good news is that there are numerous excellent time management tools and strategies for dealing with a congested daily schedule. For many, something as simple as signing up for home grocery delivery can go a long way toward freeing up a few extra hours per week.

On a larger scale, hard-working dads who want college degrees can opt for home-based, online classes. Another popular option is working from home, either a few days a week or all the time. Planning is one of the key ingredients of solving time crunches, which is why many dads create detailed daily schedules. The following ideas can jumpstart your strategy for being more efficient with the 24 hours you have each day.

Use a Grocery Delivery Service

Home delivery of groceries is one of the fastest growing segments of the consumer services sector. There are all sorts of reasons that the cost has come down, just one being the recent pandemic and the need for millions of people to stay in their homes for months at a time. But, for busy parents who want to get a bit of relief in their weekly schedules, using home delivery for food items can be a savior. Check the prices of your favorite stores' delivery services, and make sure to take advantage of discounts that come with annual programs and loyalty plans.

Get a Remote Degree

Getting a four-year college degree from the comfort of your home is a great way to save time commuting to and from a physical classroom. Students also need to find a way to pay for education, and that's why it's essential to search for scholarship money. Luckily, by working with an organization like Going Merry scholarships, time-challenged dads can find multiple financial opportunities and apply for them online. The beauty of scholarship cash is that, unlike loans, you never have to pay the money back. Additionally, using a search and apply service helps you identify as many opportunities as you're eligible for and make the most out of scholarships.

Work From Home

If you currently have a traditional office job and want to spend one or more days per week working from home, speak with your supervisor and explore telecommuting options. You might be surprised that a large number of employers are happy to make arrangements for hard-working fathers who need to stay home with kids or be there when youngsters arrive from school each day. If you go this route, find ways to make your home better for remote work so you can keep up productivity levels and do right by your employer and team members. If that's not possible, think about finding a job that allows for full-time home-based work. Many IT and financial industry jobs now offer entry-level positions that are designed for telecommuting, and that means you never have to drive to work again.

Make a Detailed Daily Schedule

Use time planning to map out a typical day and see where you can rearrange activities to save a few minutes here and there. Try using one of the many no-cost scheduling apps to reorganize your day and do things more efficiently. Sometimes all it takes is a little rearranging to fix a time-crunched schedule.


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