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Insecure's Jean Elie, Mike Gauyo Debut Trailer For Haitian-American Dramedy 'Send Help'

(L-R) Jean Elie and Mike Gauyo

Actor Jean Elie and writer Mike Gauyo are coming to AMC network's ALLBLK streaming service. Their new coming-of-age dark comedy Send Help is set to make its premiere on August 11 and the trailer has fans ready to watch what the two rising stars have been working on.

The 7-episode half-hour dramedy follows Fritz Jean Baptiste, played by Elie, as a first-generation Haitian American actor who is on top of the world since landing a starring role on the fictional hit TV show, This Can't Be Us. As the sole support system for his demanding Haitian family who is grieving from a recent family tragedy, Fritz's career hits rock bottom once his show is canceled. Viewers will watch Elie's character navigate Hollywood as he struggles to find his next big hit while leaning on his close circle of friends.

"As a first-generation Haitian-American, I was honored to bring this, first of its kind, Haitian- American story to the big screen," Elie said in a statement. He continued, "I'm so grateful to the community of dedicated creators that are bringing Send Help to life."

Gauyo and Elie will both serve as executive producers on the upcoming series. On Gauyo's Instagram, he expressed his gratitude. "Still on a high from the release of our first trailer for Send Help series. The response has been overwhelming." Gauyo went on to thank his supporters from day one.

Watch the trailer to Send Help below and watch the premiere on August 11 on ALLBLK.


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