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The Baker Dude, Orran Booher Sweetens the Brand as He Opens Third Location

Owned and operated by Jamaica-born Orran Booher, the Baker Dude brand has been gaining notoriety and recently celebrated its sixth year in business by opening its third brick and mortar location in Atlanta's Emory Village.

A pastime that he enjoyed for years, Orran started making cupcakes for family, friends and coworkers. In 2015, Orran decided to take the leap and leave his corporate job and pursue his passion for baking full-time. He started out with cupcakes online, then farmers' markets across the city until he secured a retail space in downtown Atlanta. The growth continued as he transitioned from retail kiosks to opening the first brick and mortar location in The Beacon area of Atlanta followed by The Chattahoochee Works in West Midtown. Now, the Emory Village location serves as his most recent space.

When asked about the vision behind creating the Baker Dude brand, he aimed to create a business and recipes that would provide an array of delicious options to satisfy all clients of all diets. With the slogan "More than just frosting," he describes the menu as clean, healthy and wholesome with the goal of always providing an amazing experience. "When you can go beyond your circle and get people who love the brand, name, and what you have to offer, it makes you feel that you're doing something great and needed," Orran shares.

Orran, a father of twin boys, knows that as the brand grows it's important to have a team who can help jump in and help take the brand to the next level. His sons are getting to an age where they require more attention and he wants to make sure that he is around to see them grow. With a background in the military, combined with his corporate and logistics experience, the operation of the brand shows no signs of slowing down.

Orran and the Baker Dude team aim to continue providing great menu options. Check the brand online.


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