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From Work To Weekend: 5 Types Of Leather Bags For Men

A bag is essential as it helps you carry plenty of things all at once with ease. While they’re beneficial for your comfort, you can also use bags as your next fashion piece, allowing your entire outfit to be stylish and eye-catching. However, when it comes to men’s bags that go perfect for work and weekend use, going for leather would be your best choice.

A leather bag is a crowd favorite for men’s bags as they’re universal and would work well with any outfit, casual or formal. Most men know that full grain leather is the highest quality leather available, considering the design and functionality help make it a great piece. With that, here are the types of leather bags for men you might want to consider.


A briefcase is one of the most popular types of leather bag for men, especially for those eyeing a posh and formal or a classy and sophisticated look, perfect for those in executive positions. Carrying a briefcase with you also helps complete the formal look. This would also go well as a work bag and a weekend bag, especially if you’d like to look classy off-work. Despite its sturdy and firm shape, a briefcase can still be a fashion statement while also enabling you to carry plenty of large items.

There are several briefcases available today to help make your entire look fashionable. You can bid your goodbyes to a standard hard case and say hello to softer types that hold the same shape but with a much-relaxed build. Thus, you can easily fit in your laptop case along with your documents without the bag looking too bulky.

Messenger Bag

If you’re looking for a bag that looks like a briefcase but is less formal, going for a messenger bag is your best choice. Although somehow similar to a briefcase, a messenger bag goes over your body when you carry it. Instead of a handheld bag, you’ll need to cross the strap over your chest, taking the bag with you without holding a thing in your hands. This would also be a great gift idea for a quintessential man as this bag looks classy and stylish.

A leather messenger bag is also fashionable and works well with any attire while allowing you to carry plenty of things easily. This will be the perfect choice if you’re looking for something for work and a weekend day out. Hence, you don’t have to purchase different bags to fulfill your everyday needs.

Duffle Bag

Going for a leather duffle bag is not a bad idea if you plan to bring many things for work and a weekend getaway. With this, you can allow yourself to carry plenty of items with you but still look fashionable.

A duffle bag can easily fit your work and weekend essentials. You can even try to make it into a gym bag, which would blend your work and after-work activities perfectly. Besides, this is an excellent investment for its quality and functionality.


A backpack is a popular men’s bag as it allows them to carry anything without worrying about holding a single thing while also providing weight distribution on their shoulders. While you can easily carry one that uses fabric as its main material, upgrading to a leather backpack would help your overall look for both work and weekend escapades.

Luckily, there are plenty of leather backpack designs you can choose from online and in physical stores. You can go for the classic plain ones or purchase one with a flap for a more sophisticated design.

Fanny Pack

Although a fanny pack might not be widely accepted as a work bag, companies with relaxed rules allow you to bring one for work. If you’re wearing a bag so you won't have to carry your wallets, phones, keys, and other small things inside your pocket, a fanny pack would be a good fit for you. While they’re usually worn as a belt, you can now wear your fanny pack over your body for a more fashionable look.

A fanny pack is a great work and weekend bag as they’re casual and relaxed. However, if you’re going for leather material, go for one with a classic and formal design so it would still go well for any event.

Care Instructions

While leather bags have earned praises for their sophisticated craftsmanship and designs, you must prepare for their maintenance. This way, you can prevent the bag from cracking and keep it in its best condition for as long as possible.

Here are some tips on how to care for your leather bags:

  • Clean your bag every other day by wiping it with a soft, dry microfiber cloth. You can dampen the bag slightly, but ensure you don’t soak it as the leather takes a while to dry.

  • Condition your bag at least twice a year to keep the leather well moisturized and prevent it from cracking and drying. However, if you notice that your leather bag is getting extremely dry, you should condition it at least once a month.

  • When storing your bag, ensure that you stuff it with bubble wrap or the paper that comes with it, and place the entire bag in its original dust bag. You can store it inside its original bag with silica gel to prevent moisture. If you’re planning to store it for a long time, you should take it out once every two weeks to let it breathe and prevent mold.

You can choose from several leather bags in the market, especially one that fits your needs and lifestyle. There would be a perfect bag for you whether you’d like to go for a classic, relaxed, or comfortable style. Just ensure you care for them properly because leather requires specific care and maintenance. In the end, the benefits a leather bag will bring to your overall look, whether for work or a weekend escape, would be worth every penny.


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