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What Are Jorts and How Can You Style Them?

Photo by Budgeron Bach

Everyone knows what denim shorts are, and whether it is an old pair cut off at the knee or a conscious style decision, the jort (literally, jean + short) has had a varied and, shall we say, interesting history in fashion.

We might consider jorts the domain of women sporting super short ‘Daisy Dukes’, the higher and tighter cousin of the baggier male style, but actually, they have been part of men’s fashion culture for some 60 years.

Are they in style right now? And how should you wear them?

A Brief History of Fashion

Jorts first became common in counterculture fashion from the 1960s and ‘70s, both as rolled up or cutoff jeans.

By the 1980s, the hems had risen in line with sports shorts and women’s skirts, but as the 1990s crept round the only person who was still wearing jorts seemed to be Bart Simpson.

However, the early 2000s saw a sports-entertainment icon wearing baggy, below the knee jorts on TV every week. Whether you love or hate him, the famous WWE wrestler John Cena is at least partially responsible for the long jort craze of the ‘00s.

Today, jorts are a fashion gray area. Some people find it hard to move on from seeing middle aged men at backyard BBQs sporting jorts, sliders and socks, or hillbillies at NASCAR meetings wearing them while drinking beer.

The Fashion Comeback

For men, finding the right pair of shorts can be a struggle, and with popular culture mostly demonizing the humble pair of jorts, it might seem like a wise idea to stay away from getting some – even if they are really comfortable.

The comeback of the jort can be seen on the catwalks in Paris and New York, with top designers producing denim shorts (with eyewatering price tags) as part of their spring/summer looks. You can find Saint Laurent and Kapital making jorts for their ranges, as well as the more well-known denim designers like Levi Jeans and Wrangler.

How to Style Your Jorts

The answer to styling is personal preference, but if you want to avoid the ‘middle-aged man holding desperately on to his youth’ look, then don’t rely on John Cena for inspiration.

For the best results, look for a more tailored finish to your jorts. Keeping the length just above the knee and a slim fit through the hip and thigh will make them look less like you can’t let go of your favorite pair, and more like you have effortless style.

Color is also important; denim doesn’t have to be blue anymore, and you can add a touch of pizzazz t jorts simply by choosing a non-indigo shade. Jorts in white are crisp and classic, while a distressed and faded blue pair of jorts are relaxed and easygoing.

Wear With…

Style is about more than one piece in your wardrobe and making jorts look their best comes from what you choose to wear them with.

Of course, some of this will be able the occasion you are wearing them for, whether it is just an everyday summer look, going to the beach, or hitting a bar.

A pair of slim-fitting distressed denim shorts look great with a plain white tee and clean, simple sneakers. Nothing says relaxed summer casual style like this look.

For something a bit more special, try white denim jorts with a floral, short-sleeved button-down shirt. Perfect for the bar, you can wear with boat shoes or slip-on shoes and complete the look by layering with a sand-colored linen blazer.

Get Summer Ready with Updated Jorts

Whether the fashion world says yes to jorts this summer, you can still look stylish and stay cool in the heat in a pair.

Jorts are more than Bart Simpson or John Cena, and with the right styling they can be a suave and easy-to-wear choice for your summer wardrobe.


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