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Wear Brims Hosts 'Peeling Back The Different Layers of Mental Health'

Although mental health awareness month has passed, there is never a wrong time to discuss mental health and the effects it could have on an individual.

The gentlemen of the luxury hat brand Wear Brims hosted an event at The Gathering Spot in Atlanta that focused on furthering the conversation on mental health by peeling back its layers. Moderated by co-founder Archie Clay III, the panel featured Keri Hilson, Raz-B, Dr. Crystal Jones and Freddy Morello.

During the conversation, panelists Keri Hilson and Raz-B dug deep into their experiences both in and out of the entertainment industry, which has challenged their mental health. Health experts Dr. Crystal Jones and Freddy Morello shared valuable information and resources to assist with dealing and overcoming mental health issues.

We all know that overcoming trauma as a community is far from over. Overall, the goal of continuing the conversation surrounding mental health was a success.

Photo Credit: Siergio Martinez


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