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Atlanta Hotspot Apt 4B Launches New Summer Menu

If you live in Atlanta or have visited, I'm almost certain APT 4B is something you've tried or planned to try. My experience was the latter.

The swanky Caribbean-inspired restaurant recently launched a new menu to accommodate changing tastes, and bolder flavors will all of this sure to create an elevated experience. In addition to the dishes, guests will enjoy new signature entrees, handcrafted cocktails, and a funky atmosphere.

Chef Derek, the restaurant's pastry chef, also upgraded the traditional dishes with innovative touches. The menu will include items such as Jerk Chicken Omelettes, Vegetarian Chicken and Waffles, Impossible Empanadas, and Salt Fish Fritters most of which I had the chance to sample. Not once was I disappointed by anything I ate.

In addition to the food, the DJ, who sits in the middle of the restaurant always creates a vice with a wide variety of music while the bartender is always preparing a refreshing yet sexy cocktail. If you don't believe me, you should visit yourself.

For more information visit APT 4B ATL online or in-person at 2293 Peachtree Rd Unit B, Atlanta, GA 30309.


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