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How to Get Inspired for Interior Design

Victorians live in a beautiful place, and that makes many of them house-proud. However, when it comes time for people to update their home’s interior, it can be a little difficult to get inspired with ideas on how to do it. For some, there is a kind of “information overload” problem. The huge influx of media images and other things they see online can be overwhelming and leave them blank for ideas.

When you want modern Victorian decorating ideas to inspire you, you have to know where to look for it and how to get the most inspiration out of it that you can. Here are some thoughts to help.

1. Get Out of the House

Sitting at home and racking your brains for hours to try and get inspired will more than likely not work at all. To get new ideas and inspiration you need to change your surroundings, preferably with places that will throw up all different kinds of colours, smells, textures and sounds. Therefore, getting out and about is the best option.

Take a walk downtown and have a look in the shop windows at what’s on display; take a hike through nature and see how the shapes and smells of the natural world grab you (see below for more); go for a swim and see how the muffled underwater sounds change your perspective. It could well be that even just on your way back you spot something through a window, on a screen, or a work of art (more further below) that just prompts the next killer idea.

2. Get Into Nature

We touched on getting into nature and how it can help, but let us develop that point a bit further. If you are someone who appreciates natural colour and earthy tones, then getting into the great outdoors is the best place to find some inspiration. Head to the beach, or into the woods for a camp or a hike. Take in the texture of the trees, the sounds of the water, the feeling of the sand or grass underfoot.

Just as an example, it could be the particular blue hue of the ocean, or the texture of tree bark or a rock surface that finally inspires you what colour or style you want to update your walls, your fireplace, or even your kitchen countertops.

3. Look for Works of Art

A particular work of art, or series or art works could form the foundation of a new colour scheme for your interior design project. Head to art galleries if you have time so you can see them in person and really take in the vibrancy of their colour. If that’s not an option, you can at least browse online and look for inspiring works of art.

Art stirs the soul and the imagination. It could be the work itself rather than just its colours that you want in your interior space. You might find a piece that would be perfect in your living room to create a new focal point, for instance, or to tie together an existing colour scheme in your other furnishings.

4. Get a New Perspective

Finally, drive up to a high point where you can see your whole local area, or go a step further and look into a hot air balloon ride or something similar where you can gain an entirely new perspective on your home. Seeing everything all at once --- or getting the bigger picture --- can be a great driving force for the imagination.

Picking the right time of day can also enhance the inspirational power of such views, for example sunrise or sunset.

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