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NFL Wide Receiver Deebo Samuel Enters Into the NFT Space With TrumiiNFT

It has been revealed that NFL wide receiver Deebo Samuel will be entering into the NFT space through a partnership with trumiiNFT.

Trumii will consist of a collection of 10,101 unique NFTs embracing self-expression in Web3 and real life. NFT, which is short for “non-fungible token,” are unique digital items stored and encrypted on the blockchain that people can buy, own, and trade. NFTs can also be used as membership cards where holders get exclusive access to events, communities, and merchandise. Samuel is a stakeholder and will serve as an ambassador by participating in trumii events. Also as part of the collaboration, there will be a special Deebo trumii that will be a part of the collection.

“As the metaverse grows and NFTs become more mainstream, we need communities to be socially responsible and represent all backgrounds, races, genders, and experiences – and that’s trumii,” said Samuel. “trumii believes in staying true to yourself. That is a message I can get behind and a mission I want to support,” he added. Anjali Bhugra, one of trumii’s two female founders spoke about the partnership with Deebo saying, “We’re building a community of people who share our vision of inclusiveness in Web3, and we’re thrilled to have Deebo join us. Deebo is committed to helping trumii make a lasting impact in Web3 for the next generation,” she added.

The news comes as this year’s NFL Draft began on Thursday. Final details about the trumii collection with Deebo including mint price will be announced on their Discord and Twitter account.


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