How To Avoid Basic Dating App Mistakes

Like them or loathe them, dating apps are now the most common way that people make a romantic connection - and, if they’re lucky - meet their soulmate.

The sheer volume of profiles on most major dating sites can be overwhelming, and it’s even more confusing when, despite our best efforts, we don’t get the number of matches we expect. Or when the only people we match with are unsuitable. Or they don’t respond to our messages.

What’s going on? It can be easy to start wondering uneasily what’s wrong with us. But stop there! In the vast, vast majority of cases, problems like this encountered on dating apps can be sorted out with just a little tweaking of our profile or how we go about messaging potential partners.

Assess Your Profile

Many people are guilty of committing the cardinal sin of online dating: not properly completing their profile. Yes, it can be time-consuming and cringe-inducing, but remember: your dating profile is your chance to stand out to potential matches and to get across just why you could be their perfect date. Leaving it blank or sparsely completed is one of the quickest ways to get people swiping left - and it could simply be because, with so many potential matches available on the site, they’d rather make a connection with someone who’s provided some information about themselves. One of the worst mistakes people make on dating apps is not viewing their bio as the golden opportunity it is to highlight your personality, your attributes, and values.