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Brandon Gilpin Graduates From Morehouse and Prepares for Season 2 of 'P-Valley'


It's been about two years since we first got a glimpse into the life of Brandon Gilpin, the actor who plays DJ Neva Scared on the hit Starz TV show P-Valley.

Brandon has not only been preparing for season two, which is now streaming, but he has also been hard at work creating new characters for other TV endeavors and becoming a recent graduate of the highly respected Morehouse College.

As many of us know, Morehouse is one of the top schools for Black Men in America and Brandon has now joined a long list of famous graduates such as Dr. Martin Luther King, Samuel L. Jackson and more. Brandon discussed how that made him feel.

"It brings a sense of pride and a sense of responsibility as well." Brandon shares about graduating from the HBCU. "After being there for all these years, I see why you men act the way that you do. I see why you walk out in just pure excellence and exude excellence in all the things that you do."

"I'm just so proud of myself for being able to complete it and being able to now share it with the world," Brandon adds.

In addition to completing his bachelor's degree in theater and performance, Brandon has been hard at work on a few TV series.

"I just finished up with GROWN-ish season four. That was a lot of fun. P-Valley season two, obviously, and I'm going to be in the new show, the reboot of Queer as Folk on Peacock."

Brandon has been working hard and is giving the world a lot of entertaining projects. This is certainly someone you want to keep your eye on.

See the full interview below.

Catch Brandon on P-Valley, Fridays on Starz. Check out the trailer below.

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