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Ringing in a New Era of Men’s Accessories

Men’s rings with plenty or just a bit of bling are on the rise. Understated jewelry will always be timeless, but more recently this year, bold and statement pieces are on trend. That means pinky rings with unique stones, signet rings, and even styles with a flash of color. Men that are looking to dip their toes into the trend should fear not. The style works well for men with a range of tastes from straightforward designs to trendy designer pieces.

In today’s fashion landscape, with the resurgence of rings for men underway, the only rule anyone is following is that there are no rules. The best jewelry for men includes whatever a guy feels comfortable with, even if that means opting for items that are more personal and lowkey.

Men who are new to the jewelry game may want to start with the basics, starting with simpler pieces. Generally speaking, men who are looking for options are starting with silver jewelry which seems to be on the move. Since many men tend to want investment pieces, understated yet bold pieces in precious metals and rare stones fit the bill.

Those looking for inspiration on their jewelry journey can take a cue from industry aficionados who’ve been leading the charge in the precious gemstone trend like the newly launched Holy Gems. The company offers a limited collection of 101 one-of-a-kind pieces, including men’s rings, which feature certified precious gems mined for the first time in the Holy Land.

Arton Gee works with brands, creative directors, talent, models, and others in fashion and entertainment. He agrees that men’s rings are in fact trending. “Lately, we’re seeing brands like Bottega Veneta, Gucci, Givenchy, Vivienne Westwood, Alexander McQueen, Chrome Hearts, and others, stepping up their men’s jewelry offerings as depicted in their runway shows, in editorial features, and in talent partnerships,” he commented.

“As social norms change and the idea of the binary fades away, we see fashion and jewelry following suit and shifting popular culture to create what will be new traditions down the road. From a commerce standpoint, this means that men are more receptive to investing in jewelry pieces, including rings, which, unlike most earrings, for example, are easier to wear. In some ways, these self-purchases and gift purchases started as an afterthought for an upsell opportunity and have now become focal to brand building. Solid silver rings in particular are having a huge moment and they’re a smart purchase for many because they’re far more affordable than solid gold pieces and therefore more interchangeable. We see them adorned with gems and jewels and enamels,” says Gee.

Investment pieces are what Holy Gems is betting men will want since luxury is determined by rarity. As the only company to offer rare precious gemstones from Israel, each piece is designed for those that appreciate exclusivity and have a special connection to the Holy Land. The rarity of precious stones mined is evident in the small number of carats that have been unearthed. Less than 100 carats of sapphire, fewer than 200 of garnet, fewer than 200 of spinel, and fewer than 300 of Carmel Sapphire. The men’s collection from Holy Gems includes two particularly outstanding pieces, “Twelve Blessings” which is an 18k gold men's ring crafted with 2.92 carats of black high-end Spinel, and “Joseph’s Ring” which is an 18k gold men's ring crafted with 2.34 carats of black high-end spinel. Both styles were designed with inspiration from the Bible by Michaella Taub.

In the words of an industry insider, Jeff Moriarty, Marketing Manager of Moriarty's Gem Art, who has been in the jewelry business for over 40 years, the popularity of men’s rings is real. “Over the past year we have seen men's fashion, especially men's rings, we are seeing bigger and more flashy jewelry requested.”


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