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HBCU Buzz Founder Creates Cryptocurrency Token $HBCU

Recently, Luke Lawal Jr., entrepreneur and founder of HBCU Buzz, announced yet another Black business venture.

Lawal can proudly add cryptocurrency creator to his already extremely diverse portfolio. $HBCU is the name of his social token, which will create more opportunities for HBCU students. However, it is the benefit of the token that has everyone buzzing. Educating HBCU students is at the forefront for coin holders while also having immediate access to cryptocurrency, which we all know has gained a lot of attention over the last few years. The cryptocurrency token $HBCU will allow students to not only advance their knowledge on how cryptocurrency works but also be able to network with professionals and take online courses.

“As a Black creator, the future of crypto intrigues me. Being able to create one of the pilot coins in the marketplace for both the educational and minority communities, is a part of my purpose. The HBCU experience is life-changing as is, and I wasn't sure it could be topped, but it just got even better!” Lawal stated.

The biggest takeaway from what Lawal has been able to accomplish not only as an alumnus of an HBCU but now as a multifaceted entrepreneur, is shed an even bigger light on the HBCU community. Lawal knows exactly what it means to demand that HBCU students, alumni, and future HBCU students receive as much access to such a monumental currency overall. Lawal has dedicated his time both during and post-college to the betterment of the HBCU experience and he has no plans on letting up.

Luke Lawal Jr.

$HBCU is not about one specific HBCU, but more so about bringing all HBCUs together on a journey to learn from one another, expand on their cryptocurrency knowledge, and most importantly continue to show that HBCU students and alumni have the power to create positive change across the world. The HBCU Buzz platform will provide an online campus atmosphere that will exclusively allow the purchasing of merchandise, private network access along with homecoming coverage as well. Lawal’s pilot coin being in the crypto marketplace is just the beginning for minority communities to grow as the industry grows and he couldn’t be anything less than excited about that.

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