How a Disney Experience Caused This Black Photographer to Show Black Men Love

To be gifted, a person must have exceptional talent or natural ability. Jaimie Milner knows this to be true. The photographer, entrepreneur, artist, and author has recently released her coffee-table book Gifted. In the book, Milner set out to encourage Black men through unseen images, raw unfiltered full-length interviews and thought-provoking perspectives. Gifted showcases the voice of Black men today. Featured in the book are remarkable men in the arts, business, politics, and finance, including Kris Bowers, David Oyelowo, Michael Strautmanis, Hisham Tawfiq, Chris Lyons, Nate Parker, Dean Garfield and Steven Caple Jr.

“I didn’t see people like my father and friends reflected anywhere in the media,” said Milner about her latest coffee table book. “I wanted to show that these men exist. Black men who cared, and who were smart.” The book features 40 remarkable Black men who are asked these thought-provoking questions like, who are you? What is the myth and truth of Black men? How do you feel about the state of Black men today, and what would you like to see change? These questions were asked in order to add to the conversation of how the world sees Black men and how we see ourselves.

For over 10 years, Milner grew up in a predominantly white environment. As she attended the University of Southern California, she noticed in her studies that race in the media always had a way of shaping and influencing culture to fit their narrative of the Black community. “The stories that were being told by people that didn’t look like me caused me to notice my own insecurities,” Milner says. “That simply had to change.”