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Hey Sons, Check Out These Gift Ideas For Your Mother

To my fellow sons, what can you gift the woman who has done so much for you? What can you say to the woman who raised you, cared for you, and loved you? Truthfully, you can't say or do enough but here are a few items that you can gift her on Mother's Day.

Check out the list of gift ideas for the mother or mother figure in your life.

Every mom needs a carry-all bag to keep life on track. The horizontal quilted fabric is extra cozy while still being edgy and effortless and there are pockets by the plenty for organizing all your and your kids’ essentials. The bag is available in over 8 colors.

These classic wedges feature uncommon cutouts, great for mom to dress up, dress down and wear season after season. Perfect for upcoming spring fashion and for her on-the-go that wants to be stylish while staying comfy!

Who doesn't love a great piece of jewelry? This elegant pink pearl necklace features a sparkling zircon pendant for a vintage yet modern look that can accent any outfit mom wears.

This dutch oven is a work of art for the kitchen and table. It is inspired by the desire for comfort food and everyday home cooking. This lidded enameled cast iron pan is the choice for enticing one-pot meals, stews, poultry, meat, soups, side dishes, sauces, and more. Designed in the USA, this Dutch Oven stands out for its quality construction, on-trend colors, gorgeous geometric design, and unique shape.

Purpl Lux Subscription Service - $6.95 (for the first month)

We are all enticed by an amazing smell. Give your mother the gift of a scent subscription that allows her to sport a different smell every month. Why give just one gift when you can show your mother you love her every month.

For moms, chances are the only time she relaxes is during bath time. Allow her to relish in peace with fragrant bath salts, a soothing bath sponge, and a bottle of Aravanti Rosé to relax in luxury! This is a gift that no doubt she will love.

This is the perfect gift to give to your wine-loving mother! The crystal decanter holds one full bottle of wine and is dishwasher safe... What more could she need?

Book of the Month - ($49.99-179.99)

For the mother who enjoys cozying up on the couch with a good book, this BOTM subscription delivers the best new books right to a mother's door. Each month, she will have the opportunity to choose one book from a carefully curated selection of titles from established and emerging authors. Books range from thrillers, romance, historical fiction, fantasy, and contemporary.

This is the perfect gift for a mom who can relive a magical part of her childhood! Moonlight Roller is more than a roller skate brand. They are true advocates of this rich and beloved community. The Mirror Ball skates can be enjoyed with all members of the family.

Rooted Pots - $43.97

For moms with a green thumb, Give her something beyond the standard flowerpot. Rooted Pots pays tribute to everything that makes Black people amazing by focusing on the features that society has tried to minimize and shame. Each design is customizable to fit her personal style and vision.

Does your mom always have music playing? Give her the gift of the classics and fill her home with love and music! Legendary brand Victrola’s offers the Journey + Bundle that combines classic portable turntable design with loads of new features! Dual Bluetooth connectivity allows mom to stream her favorite vinyl records to any external Bluetooth speaker, or stream music from a smart device through the built-in stereo speakers, so you can truly make her listening experience her own!

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