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Carl Payne, Ryan Wilson and More Attend Dear Fathers Night With the Atlanta Hawks

Recently, Dear Fathers, the premier platform for highlighting fatherhood from the Black male perspective, brought fathers from all over the country to Atlanta for Dear Fathers Night.

Before the Atlanta Hawks took on the Brooklyn Nets, Dear Fathers hosted a pregame panel discussion. The panel featured Carl Payne (Actor), Ryan Wilson (CEO + Co-Founder of The Gathering Spot), and Stuey Rock (Radio Host of Hot 107.9) and was moderated by Dr. Alduan Tartt.

The conversation allowed attendees to understand the perspectives and experiences of the three men who come from different backgrounds but are all raising the next generation of Black men and women.

Carl, who has been married for almost three decades and has four sons, spoke on the importance of being an actor but balancing being actively present in the lives of his children.

Ryan, who has been married for five years with one daughter and a son on the way, spoke about ensuring that his children always know his love. He also wants them to know his support for them will always remain constant even while building an empire that spans the country.

Stuey, who has two sons and a daughter of different age ranges, provided insight into how important it is for him to set standards in his household, especially for his daughter.

Overall the evening created a safe space for fathers to continue to challenge themselves while being vulnerable enough to understand they are still learning.

Photo Credit Jenn Missouri and Sunde Marie


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