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Sign up for an Exclusive Screening of Samuel L. Jackson's 'The Last Days of Ptolemy Grey'

As we get older, some people may feel like they are beginning to lose pieces of their former selves. One fear is the loss of memory from diseases like dementia or alzheimers. But what if you get the chance to revisit lost memories, would you do it?

In the new Apple TV+ limited series The Last Days of Ptolemy Grey, Samuel L. Jackson stars as Ptolemy Grey, a 91-year-old man forgotten by his family, friends and even himself. On the brink of sinking even deeper into a lonely dementia, Ptolemy experiences a seismic shift when he's given the opportunity to briefly regain his memories. This allows him to right his wrongs and come to terms with his past. The limited series is based on the novel by Walter Mosley and is set to premiere on Apple TV+ on March 11.

We've partnered up Apple TV+ to give our audience a FREE virtual screening of The Last Days of Ptolemy Grey on Wednesday, March 9 at 9 pm ET. RSVP here and you will receive an email the day before with instructions on how to watch. You DON'T need to have a subscription to Apple TV+ in order to watch the film.

Must RSVP before Monday, March 7 by 5 pm ET.


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