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Chef Marcus Davis Launches Wah Gwan Caribbean-Inspired Spices

If you’re a person who enjoys great food, you know that the best food comes from the heart. When a dish is prepared with love, out of love, and for love, what can go wrong? That’s what Chef Marcus Davis aims to add to any household that possesses Wah Gwan, his new line of Caribbean-inspired seasoning. Wah Gwan is a luxury seasoning line inspired by the Jamaican Patois greeting, which means “What’s going on?”

Joined on this journey by his wife Rose, they are two people who are extremely passionate about producing quality spices and blends so that anyone can have the most flavorful food possible. In order to do this, Marcus has followed his family's background in hopes of making it popular. He has also followed in his mother's footsteps by owning a farmhouse where they have built the brand that is surly catching on around the world.

When asked what was his inspiration behind creating the brand and the name, Chef Marcus shares, “It felt truly befitting to name the company and the spices Wah Gwan because we’re all about what’s going on in the food space, the culinary space, and what's going on in the world in general. It was really important to have a name that resonated and had meaning to us.”

We know that an identity of a brand is just as important as the product or the service. “I would say the brand itself is about awareness. It’s about bringing people in. It’s about being more inclusive and really connecting with people through our brand and our mission. Coming from our Caribbean roots, our spices and food is really rooted in culture. It’s rooted in our spirit, where we come from as people, how far we’ve come, and what representing our heritage really means to us,” says Marcus.

The Wah Gwan line currently includes an all-purpose seasoning made with smoked pimento paprika and scotch bonnet powder which Marcus feels brings it close to the Caribbean. He feels that this seasoning can allow even the most novice of chefs to create a meal at home without having to second guess themselves. It’s a seasoning that not only adds flavor but confidence to anyone using it. With the seasoning, they don’t add salt or sugar. Its flavor is of great quality and considered a healthy option when compared to other all-purpose seasonings.

“Our mission is to deliver quality, globally sourced seasonings, making them accessible to everyone while inspiring a new take on in-home culinary experiences,” says Davis.

Get your Wah Gwan spices here. Enter below for your chance to win your very own Wah Gwan spices.


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