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Anthony Mackie Plans to Build a Film Studio in New Orleans

After months of negotiations, Captain America actor and New Orleans native Anthony Mackie reportedly plans to build a film studio on the 20 acres of land he purchased in New Orleans East.

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According to sources, land records reveal the purchase was finalized last Friday. Mackie's production company, East Studio LLC, will be based near 1-10 Serve Road and Read Boulevard.

In addition, Mackie intends to buy more property in the surrounding area.

Throughout his fame in Hollywood, Mackie has maintained close ties with his hometown. The actor-turned producer's studio could help bolster New Orlean's flourishing film industry that has previously suffered due to the pandemic.

Aside from the Marvel franchise, some of Mackie's acting credits include The Hurt Locker and The Adjustment Bureau. As a producer, his growing list of credits contains Outside the Wire, IO, and The Banker.


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