5 Red Flags of a Toxic Work Environment

We all have the right to feel safe and respected when we work. Unfortunately, while there are many companies that strive to create an excellent culture, there are others that don't.

Typical workplace drama can be expected, but it shouldn't be so consistent that it causes you anxiety or stress. Work should never have a negative impact on your mental wellbeing.

Below, we will talk about five red flags of a toxic work environment.


Discrimination occurs when an individual is mistreated due to factors such as age, gender, or beliefs. It's one of the most significant signs of a toxic work environment, as a lot of this time, the issues go unnoticed or ignored by HR staff.

Luckily, a wide range of professionals out there can help - From a pregnancy discrimination attorney to those that handle cases related to harassment. It's important to seek justice if you have been unfairly treated.

High turnover

One red flag to watch out for when applying for companies is their