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The Son of Jesse Jackson is Running for Congress

Jonathan Jackson throws his hat into Illinois’ 1st congressional district race.

Photo credit: Ashlee Rezin/Sun-Times

Jonathan Jackson, son of renowned civil rights leader Rev. Jesse Jackson, has tossed in his bid for the 1st congressional district of Illinois seat of the US House of Representatives. Running as a Democrat, the businessman and social justice advocate is hoping to follow in the steps of his father and brother by serving in America’s Congress.

Though he lacks political experience, his work in the corporate world and in the fight for civil justice makes him appealing to many Chicagoan voters. And being the son of one of the most famous living civil rights leaders doesn’t hurt either.

However, it’ll take more than a notable family name to get through a mountain of competition in front of him. Including Jackson, there are 13 Democratic candidates all looking to fill Rep. Bobby Rush’s soon-to-be empty seat. With the 75-year-old representative out of the picture, local Democrats see an opportunity to finally step into the national spotlight.

Because of how early it is in the race, Jackson has yet to go into depth about his specific political stances, but during his announcement speech, he did give us a glimpse into his vision for Chicago’s future.

“I am committed to improving the quality of life for everyone in the district. It is time for increasing our focus on the economic issues that impact families and expanding economic opportunities. The 1st congressional district, Chicago and our nation need change. We will spur a transformation that can bring justice and equity to our communities, creating safer environments where we can nurture our children to become tomorrow’s leaders.”

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