Hear Us Out: Is Method Man Moving Into Denzel Washington's Territory?

The people have spoken! They have crowned Method Man as the new Denzel Washington.

Hear us out! We’re not comparing Method Man’s acting to Denzel’s. We’re talking about Denzel’s likeness and the special category that only Denzel resides in.

Last week, Essence Magazine released their February digital cover featuring the Power Book II star. The cover immediately had Method Man, whose real name is Clifford Smith Jr., trending once again for the umpteen time. As the spread circulated up and down our timelines, the question was posed, “Is Method Man this generation’s version of Denzel Washington?”

Denzel Washington occupies a specific space that no other man occupies. For decades, Denzel has had our grandmothers, aunties, and mothers in a chokehold. He’s the standard! He’s what many refer to as the standard of “Black love,” and what many desire for as a husband. And now it seems that Method Man has crossed over into Denzel’s territory. Method Man has become to this generation what Denzel was to his generation.

It's all about the level of approval from the people. Like Denzel, it’s Meth’s ability to remain scandal-free, hone his craft, and display a level of devotion and love to his Black wife. The comparison is in regard to lusting the man, but still honoring and respecting their wives in the midst. Black women have selected them to occupy this exclusive club, due to their display of love for a woman who looks like their mama, sisters- and aunties. One issue Black women have with some Black men is the lack of love, respect, and support they receive from them. Some Black men date outside their race but Meth has proven to appreciate the Black woman and her beauty. Their theory is he doesn’t “hate” them like it’s suggested by other Black men.