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Make Your Condo Unit Look Bigger

Just because your condo unit is small doesn't mean you can't make it look bigger. You can still improve its appearance and create a semblance of large space for you and everyone visiting your place. Here are some tips to make this possible.

Use light colors

Choosing light colors for your walls, furniture, and accessories will make the area look more spacious. These color tones reflect light that helps meet this purpose. Light colors are also soft and relaxing to the eyes.

Install mirrors

Placing mirrors in key areas of your condo unit can likewise achieve this goal. Life-sized mirrors set up in the dining room, bathroom, and bedrooms create an illusion of space. So even if the area isn't big enough, it will appear bigger as a result of the mirrors' reflection. This illusion of space does not yet include the element of light, which, when added, further enhances it.

Modernize your bathroom

A small bathroom shouldn't keep you from enjoying light-colored bathroom furnishings. You can also consider frameless shower enclosures. All these, plus a life-sized mirror set up in your bathroom, will reflect light, thus creating a semblance of largeness to the room.

Use unfastened shelves for the bathroom

The use of open shelves allows hanging of towels and wet clothes. You don’t need a whole cabinet for storage. You may also use it to keep other bathroom necessities. This saves space and gives an appearance of largeness to anyone using the room.

Practice tidiness

Dust and dirt accumulate over time which can darken the brightness of your home. If your place is messy, you will find it stodgy and packed. Therefore, make sure you regularly clean your home. Thoroughly sweep and vacuum the floor, and carefully wipe the mirrors, tables, and shelves. Empty the trash bins regularly. Keep used clothes in a laundry basket, too. A regular schedule of cleaning your place will make it look more spacious.

Adopt minimalism

Set your rules and criteria for living a minimalist lifestyle and be determined to pursue it. Start with a clean slate. Identify what is necessary and unnecessary. Get rid of what is not needed and retain what is needed. Then, organize the essential items in your home based on category. Hang items like towels, mugs, cups, caps, etc. Bring in less to avoid the increase of things that might accumulate over time if left unchecked. This might necessitate reviewing and enhancing your spending habits. Learn to prioritize your needs over your wants.

Combine uses

Adopting a minimalist lifestyle involves making use of items that serve more than one purpose. This is very easy to do with kitchen utensils and appliances (like a single bottle opener for wine and beer or a four-in-one grater). You can also buy a duvet cover that can be used as a light comforter during the summertime and then filled with a heavy duvet during the winter season. You can also use sofa beds over the traditional ones as they can save cost and serve more than one purpose.


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