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[Video] Black Men in Tech: Representation Matters Virtual Conversation

Power corrupts, this we know to be true. For some, they use the power they wield to inspire and be an example of the good that can come from hard work and ultimately, a payoff. As the world constantly advances, it is important that as a community we advance with it. Technology is changing every day, and in order to have a seat at the table, or build our own house, we must be proactive in being in the rooms that usually do not think about us. From social media to streaming. From Fortune 500 companies that are changing the world, to small businesses entering industries with us in mind.

We hosted our Black Men in Tech: Representation Matters, a virtual conversation with our 2022 Power List tech insiders. Daryl Butler, Vice President of Devices and Services at Google, David C. Williams, Assistant Vice President at AT&T, and Daniel White HR Business Partner, Global Business Solutions at TikTok, as they discuss the misconceptions about working in tech, provide insight on how to land your first tech job and more.

Check out the full panel discussion below.

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Larry King
Larry King
Feb 25, 2022

Reminder – DEI Article Call

Our readers in Europe for example tell us, their demography in terms of ethno-cultural composition is rapidly diversifying in an unprecedented way. How do society’s core institutions such as the political, judicial, technical, educational, and labor market system, need to be reconfigured in consideration of these changing diversity and migration patterns?

There are many questions and the article you can offer may contain answers to a few. If you are considered a subject matter expert in the field, consider offering an article on the topic by May 1, 2022.

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