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17 Tips For What Should You Do With Your Old Candle Jars

Many candle lovers are unsure what to do with old candle jars once the wicks have burned out. Most jars made of clear soda-lime glass (the most typically used type of glass) can be recycled. However, many candles utilize different types of glass to increase heat resistance or color the glass to give it a pleasing appearance.

Used glass jar candles may (and perhaps should!) be repurposed around the house before being thrown away or even recycled. Here are 17 creative ways to reuse old candle jars to keep them out of the trash and limit the amount of plastic used for storage and blessing.

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1. Food preparation and storage

Meal prep ideas for the next day, such as salads and leftover oats, are a common application for glass candle jars. If the jar contains liquid, such as salad dressing, keep it on the bottom layer, so the rest of the items do not become soggy before you eat.

2. When shopping, use less plastic

Most buyers grab the nearest plastic bag to store dry beans, grains, and other bulk items purchased at the grocery. Taking a jar to the supermarket to keep dry products and different sorts of food, such as meat and cheese, is an option.

3. Construct a window garden

Candle jars without covers make excellent window garden containers. Young onion, celery, leafy vegetables, black beans, and other food wastes can be regrown in a jar with water.

4. Ferment whatever it is that you want

Fermentation can be done in candle jars with lids like the ones seen above, as long as the glass is food safe. Kimchis, sauerkraut, and fire cider are all excellent choices. A kombucha scoby might be stored in a larger jar without a lid, wrapped with muslin.

5. Stocks, soups, and smoothies can all be frozen

The most important thing to consider when freezing glass jars is leaving enough space at the top for the contents to expand as they freeze. The ideal jars are those with a wide mouth, and the possibilities are unlimited.

6. Make lip balm or lip gloss at home

Candle jars are ideal for homemade balms, which often include a combination of beeswax, shea butter, and aromatic oils. Bath salts or dried herbs for soaking in the bath retain nicely in recycled candle containers, as do other DIY beauty products.

7. Make a brand new candle

One approach to utilize all of the remaining wax in your candles and the empty candle jars individually is to blend the residual wax into new candles, as long as the fragrances do not clash too severely. After you have baked candle jars to clean them, one simple way is to gather the wax on the baking pan.

8. Always have catnip treats on hand

Cats are nuts about catnip-coated toys. Insert one or two little fabric cat toys in a closed container with catnip (little mice work great). Serve your kitty after a good shake.

9. Table decorations

Decorative glass jars can be used to dress up dining room tables, bookcases, and side tables. Natural objects such as pine cones, pine needles, or dried flowers can be used to give lovely, delicate aromas.

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10. Make painted votives from jars

Artists can recycle cleaned candle jars as beautiful votives by painting them. Use paint that can withstand high temperatures.

11. Construct a cake jar

When piled in individual serving jars, specific varieties of sweets that do not ordinarily shine when portioned personally might find new life in the fine dining limelight. This is ideal for dessert or banana pudding recipes, for example.

12. Clean and organize the bathroom

Again an excellent use for old jars is a storage container for bathroom essentials like Q-tips, cotton swabs, and hairbands. Keeping similar-item candle jars together will also aid with organization.

Herbal infusions and herbs should be kept in a cool, dry place.

13. Tinctures have several health advantages

The use of chamomile tea, for example, was found to help decrease the discomfort and burning feeling associated with ulcers in a study published in the Journal of Clinical and Experimental Dentistry. Consult the doctor before giving or using any medicine for medical reasons.

14. Increase the lifespan of loose teas and spices

Imported and preserved in glass jars with a tight-sealing lid, teas, dried herbs, and spices purchased in wholesale or plastic packing can last longer. When placed in clear glass, whole-leaf teas contribute to the beauty of any kitchen.

15. Amass a collection of exotic drinkware

People who care about the environment are increasingly turning to upcycled glass jars instead of plastic, especially for taking drinks on the move. An old candle jar with a lid is perfect for bringing brewed coffee or iced tea to work, and it may also be kept in the same fridge container.


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