17 Tips For What Should You Do With Your Old Candle Jars

Many candle lovers are unsure what to do with old candle jars once the wicks have burned out. Most jars made of clear soda-lime glass (the most typically used type of glass) can be recycled. However, many candles utilize different types of glass to increase heat resistance or color the glass to give it a pleasing appearance.

Used glass jar candles may (and perhaps should!) be repurposed around the house before being thrown away or even recycled. Here are 17 creative ways to reuse old candle jars to keep them out of the trash and limit the amount of plastic used for storage and blessing.

Photo Credit: okcandle.com

1. Food preparation and storage

Meal prep ideas for the next day, such as salads and leftover oats, are a common application for glass candle jars. If the jar contains liquid, such as salad dressing, keep it on the bottom layer, so the rest of the items do not become soggy before you eat.

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