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Tips for Throwing an Unforgettable Surprise Party

A surprise party can be one of the most challenging to pull off successfully. Every detail matters and multiple people have to be involved, which means you have to be sure they're up to the task as well. Keeping quiet to ensure the guest of honor doesn't learn about it ahead of time can be difficult, as a story a woman revealed on Reddit proves.

When planned effectively, however, throwing a surprise party can be epic. But you'll want to consider these tips to increase the odds of success.

Play Detective

When throwing a surprise party for someone, the assumption is you know them pretty well. But you probably don't know everything, including what they'd like at a party. You might casually ask them about other parties they've been to, what they liked about them and what they didn't. Or comment on celebrity events, asking what they think about the decor, food, and the like which makes it easy to get their thoughts without being too obvious.

Pick a Theme

Based on the guest of honor's favorite things, such as a TV show, movie, sport, or hobby, pick a theme to base a party on. It will help inform all your other choices like invitations, decor, and food.

As for decors, they are essential items for any birthday party to make a matching atmosphere. According to the party theme, you can find various ideas to decorate the surroundings, considering, of course, the party’s location and partiers’ age. They can be both DIY and ready-made. Balloons, letter garlands, confetti, and other accessories are among the most common and beautiful decorations. In case you want a more unique idea, think about custom blow-up creative inflatables which can be easily matched to your theme. They can be of any design you want, such as a movie or cartoon character, an animal, a structure, or anything else. The design is up to you.

The Venue

Unless you're planning to host the party at your home, you'll need to choose a venue. It's best to

pick a location that doesn't scream "party" while suiting the personality of the honoree. If it's going to be a glamorous event for someone who loves to get dressed up, book a sophisticated spot. If they have a favorite dive bar and prefer a more casual atmosphere, that might be the best option.

There are unconventional venues too, like art galleries, museums, warehouses, and outdoor gardens. The key is, you want your unsuspecting guest of honor to be less likely to catch on to your planning.


Planning a surprise party can be a lot of work. Don't try to take it all on yourself. Once you have a date in mind, write down a list of everything that has to be done and then allocate. There are probably other people close to the honoree who will want to help, so let them so that it takes some of the pressure off of you while letting others get involved and feeling like they're part of it all too.

Book the Entertainment

For an unforgettable surprise party, you've got to have entertainment. This is the time to go big, so you might search the term "live entertainment near me" for the best options like a birthday dance flash mob. Can you imagine the look on his or her face? This is a popular trend, yet it's still not overdone, making it one of the top ways to provide a birthday to remember for a lifetime.

Of course, there are many other options, from live bands to impersonators. Whatever type of entertainment you choose, it's essential to book ahead to avoid disappointment. The best acts are sometimes booked months in advance.

Use a Private Communication Tool

To ensure it's a surprise, you need to be able to communicate and coordinate with everyone involved. Consider creating a secret group on Facebook, inviting collaborators and guests. You can also add a Facebook Event with details about the party so guests can RSVP electronically.


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