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The CW Showcases HBCU Bands With New Series 'March'

Prairie View A&M University, a Historically Black College University (which Megan Thee Stallion attended) and one of Texas' oldest universities, is getting the spotlight specifically their Marching Storm marching band in The CW's new docuseries March.

The eight-part Stage 13 produced series premiered on January 24 and in the first episode, the audience is introduced to a few members of the 300 member band. In particular, the premiere episode focuses on students: Aaron, Jalen, Kaylan, Nehemiah, Cardavion and Martavyia. Aaron is the leader of the drum majors that make up The Marching Storm band, which Jalen is also a member of. Kaylon is head of the female-dominated Black Foxes dance squad, which is a part of The Marching Storm. Nehemiah leads the Dance Routine Committee. Cardavion and Martavyia are ex-bandmembers after having been removed due to an altercation. Leading both The Marching Storm band and Black Foxes is Dr. Timmey Zachery who is the band director.

The primary conflict early on in the series is the band's 8th place status on ESPN's Undefeated's list of top college marching bands. Dr. Zachery is tasked with keeping the students disciplined and mediating conflicts in order to increase their rankings. Dr. Zachery also serves as a father figure of sorts to the students in the band. The audience really gets to see Dr. Zachery's sense of fairness in handling discipline in the outcome of the altercation between Cardavion and Martavyia. Dr. Zachery sees the students' participation in the marching band as a way for students to improve their grades.

There isn't too much given about the background or home lives of the students themselves in the first episode. Nehemiah, however, does vaguely mention living in a rough environment and finding music as his safety net. He explained he got into music after being inspired by his father. He also expresses a desire to become a drum major, however, his drive lacks patience. Time will tell if Nehemiah makes it to drum major status.

March is a series that shows Black men as leaders working to show how participating in an extracurricular activity like a marching band, is an avenue to academic success that many might not even realize and that's what makes it one to watch.

The series will air on Monday nights at 8 pm until February 27th, where it will move to Sundays, and The CW's All American and All American: Homecoming series will fill March's Monday time slot.

Photo Credit: The CW


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