Philadelphia Schools Get A Much-Needed Funding Boost From Kevin Hart and Meek Mill

Photo Credit: David Dow

The school system is supposed to be the place where higher learning takes place, however that can often be a difficult task when school funding is more times than not the main issue it doesn’t happen.

Kevin Hart, Meek Mill, and Sixers Co-Owner Michael Rubin all teamed up to donate $15 million to benefit up to 110 private and parochial schools in Philadelphia that serve underprivileged students. Just two years ago, both Meek Mill and Rubin donated money to Philadelphia students and set up a $2 million scholarship fund.

Although the Philadelphia natives have given back over the years, this is the largest donation the individuals have given at one time. The funding was announced soon after Philadelphia Superintendent William Hite testified in a civil trial to determine whether Pennsylvania is meeting its constitutional obligations to provide equitable and adequate education funding. "Philadelphia is the poorest big city in the country. We have larger numbers of young people who don't have access to early childhood services and who aren't on grade level, those experiencing trauma, homelessness, are new to the country, have special needs, and those who need additional resources," Hite shares.

The hope is that better opportunities will arise from the donation. Early childhood services, additional mathematical assistance, and increased afterschool activities are just the tip of the iceberg for what’s in store.