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'Profiled: The Black Man' Docuseries Examines the Stereotypes Surrounding Black Men in America

Black men are a threat. Black men are dangerous. Black men don't cry. Black men don't value Black women. All of these and more are long-standing stereotypes that are shuffled through the newspaper, TV and the internet. OWN's newest series titled Profiled: The Black Man premieres on February 12 and aims to show the difficulties Black men have faced, both in the past and present day, while also highlighting and celebrating the triumphs and resilience of countless extraordinary men.

Hosted by Tristan "Mack" Wilds, the four-part docuseries will provide a mixture of historical footage, real-life testimonies and commentary from an array of renowned thought leaders. Tina Knowles-Lawson and Trell Thomas, executive producers on the project, will provide commentary as well as other leaders like civil rights activist DeRay Mckesson, activist Tamika Mallory, hip-hop culture icon Sway Calloway, the Grammy, Emmy and Tony award-winning Billy Porter and more.

Wilds will guide the audience through each one-hour episode and dismantle long-standing stereotypes about Black men that have always been depicted in the media while exploring and debunking a different stereotype of the week. The four parts are as follows:

Episode 1: Black Men Are Dangerous - Premieres Saturday, February 12

Episode 2: Black Men Are Absent Fathers- Premieres Saturday, February 19

Episode 3: Black Men Devalue Black Women - Premieres Saturday, February 26

Episode 4: Black Men Don’t Cry - Premieres Saturday, March 5

Check out the trailer below.

Profiled: The Black Man is streaming exclusively on discovery+, with each episode available to subscribers every Saturday through March 5.

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