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The Gentleman’s Sneakers: Upgrading Your Look with the Right Shoes

Gentleman’s attire is being reinvented with both style and comfort in mind. Fashion psychologist and branding consultant Dawnn Karen stated that “Silicon Valley chic” has officially replaced business casual, now that Americans are experiencing a style revolution. Corporate America has been moving away from blazers and ties for many years now, so it’s no surprise that footwear is following suit. Gentlemen are bringing a twist to their outfits by wearing high-quality and well-designed sneakers. By wearing the right pair of gentleman’s sneakers, you can easily dress up and dress down with a little bit of finesse.

A Working Professional’s Attire

Though many startup entrepreneurs are opting to wear t-shirts and jeans, they are keeping their work attire polished by wearing stylish sneakers. Workplace-oriented shoe brand Wolf & Shepherd is following this trend, after moving to Los Angeles where companies have less formal dress codes. Once Goldman Sachs announced that their employees didn’t have to wear suits anymore, Wolf & Shepherd decided to release a hybrid shoe called the Crossover Longwing. These sneakers look formal because they have full-grain Italian leather uppers, but still provide comfort due to their white, high-density outsoles. So even if you’re wearing t-shirts and jeans to the office, these dressy kicks will make your work attire a real head-turner.

A Classic Gentleman's Outfit

A classic gentleman’s outfit may seem simple, but the finer details make each item look refined and unique. As a luxury brand, Comme des Garçons understands the importance of elevating classic silhouettes, especially when it comes to a gentleman’s outfit. In their recent collaboration with Vans, they subtly upgraded the classic white upper of the CDG x Vans Old Skool by adding the CDG lettering in black contrast across the midsole. The sharp contrast creates a playful touch, while the white leather side stripes and the off-white suede overlays make it more luxurious. This makes the classic sneakers easy to pair with a casual ensemble, or even with a business chic outfit.

The Look of an Art Connoisseur

The art connoisseur has a good eye for color gradations, quality materials, and expert craftsmanship. While sneakers may seem like an unlikely choice for art enthusiasts, the luxury brand Bungee Obleceni is breaking down barriers by proving that art can be present everywhere. Our article on its founder Darrell Alston emphasized that sneakers from Bungee are designed to be art pieces that are wearable. Their footwear is certainly the best fit for an artistic outfit since Alston himself is the artist behind the unique designs of the sneakers. On top of that, each pair is made with high-quality materials that would add more vibrancy to your well-curated outfits.

The Dressed Up Fellow

Sneakers can certainly look dashing with a suit and tie outfit, now that shoe manufacturers are revolutionizing footwear. In fact, upscale shoe manufacturer Allen Edmonds are blending their famous dress-styles with sole sneaker designs, now that gentlemen are becoming more interested in casual footwear. Customers can re-craft their old dress shoes to be outfitted into classy sneakers with new outsoles, uppers, and laces. You can also opt to purchase sneaker versions of their dress shoes, such as the Park Avenue Oxford Sneakers which is a re-invention of an Oxford dress shoe model. Allen Edmonds is also known for its high-quality leather upper, so you’re assured that your comfortable footwear will be in place with your formal outfit.

It is no longer uncommon for gentlemen to wear sneakers, since they are versatile and stylish, as well as being able to pair them with matching apparel from sites such as SNRT Sneaker Tees. You can go to the office, wear a classic outfit, go to an art gallery, and dress up with sneakers that are fitting for the occasion.

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Albina Konovalova
Albina Konovalova
Mar 29, 2023

This article highlights the growing trend of incorporating sneakers into the wardrobe of the modern gentleman. While there are numerous options available, Dunks stand out as one of the best sneakers for their combination of style and comfort. Their versatility allows them to be dressed up or down, making them a great addition to any outfit. Whether you're a sneaker enthusiast or just starting to explore this trend, investing in a pair of Jordans is a wise choice.

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