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3 Tips for Meeting New People if You’re Ready to Date

If you’re a single man who’s realized that he’s ready to join the dating pool and looking to meet new people, then knowing where to start can be difficult. It might sound like the simplest thing in the world to spend more time with new people, but when you’re looking for the right person and looking to avoid wasting your time — and especially if you’ve never properly dated before — it can be tricky. While dating apps are the norm for many people looking to connect, you may also prefer to meet new people organically or with face-to-face interactions rather than depending on your phone.

Here are 3 tips to make the experience easier or build your confidence in spending more time around new people.

Find a Hobby that Takes You Out of the House

Hobbies you can do from the comfort of your own home are great to have, but they’re not very helpful if you’re looking to meet new people. If you can find a new interest that allows you to go to a community class or simply spend more time outside of the house exposed to other people, then this is great for meeting people with similar interests. You could book group classes for a particular hobby, or even take a simple hobby you enjoy to more public locations, like reading in a coffee shop instead of at home.

Consider a Dog

Obviously, wanting to date new people shouldn’t be the only reason that you get a dog. Getting a dog is a huge commitment, and you need to be sure you’re ready (and want) that kind of responsibility and companionship. Nevertheless, if you were already considering getting a dog, it can also go hand-in-hand with meeting new people and getting out of the house more.

A dog can have you leading a more active lifestyle and also have you enjoying more love and companionship at home. This can help you to feel more positive and healthier in yourself, which is a great set up to meet someone new.

Having a dog also means that you will be exploring the outdoors on walks every single day. This is an opportunity to strike up a conversation with other dog walkers or meet like-minded people on big hikes you take with your new best friend.

If this is something you’d love, here’s a quick checklist to remember:

  • Make sure your current lifestyle and budget suits a dog first

  • Make sure you have room on your property for a dog

  • Make sure you have researched a dependable vet, like Easy Vet, so you know where to register your dog.

Travel More

Travel gives you so many amazing opportunities to meet new people, whether you’re solo traveling or traveling with loved ones. You can speak to people at the airport, have the potential to be sat next to someone you’re interested in during your flight, or make a connection with someone at the accommodation you’re staying at. Shared hostel rooms are a great option, or you may want to look at highly sociable accommodations, such as hotel complexes instead of private apartments or villas.


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