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Why is Winter the Best Time to Buy Sunglasses?

If you think the best time to buy sunglasses is when the summer season begins, then think again. During summer, the sun is high and hot, and sunglasses sales are booming. So, this may not be the best time to buy the glasses. What about the winter season? This might be the most ideal time considering that the glasses are sold at a low price. Since the temperatures have fallen, buying your golf sunglasses at this time might cost you less. One thing you must know is that even if the sun is not hot, UV rays are still present and will affect your eyes. So, you need to wear sunglasses to protect your eyes even when it’s cold outside. Apart from the low prices, here is why winter is the best season to buy sunglasses.

Snow Blindness

Snow blindness is temporary blindness caused by overexposure to UV rays. You should know that snow will reflect more than 80% of the UV rays. This means that your eyes are exposed to double the risk. So, if you are doing any activity like snowboarding, skiing, or even building a snowman, it is crucial to protect your eyes from UV rays. Photokeratitis or snow blindness causes sunburn of the corneas. You can also learn how to keep your sunglasses clean and fog free here.

Excess Tearing

Harsh wind and cold weather during winter cause excess tearing of the eyes or watery eyes. Tearing of the eyes happens when your eyes attempt to lubricate themselves. This is important to protect them from wind and dust. So, the best way to avoid straining your eyes is by wearing sunglasses. If you don’t have one, you should buy one when the winter season begins.

Dry Eyes

The cold weather during winter causes dry, inflamed, and red eyes. This happens when there is less moisture in the air. Because of the low humidity in the winter season, your eyes are not properly lubricated. The dry eyes will, in turn, cause blurred vision.

When buying sunglasses during winter, you should know the right quality to look for. You need sunglasses that provide 100% protection from the sun’s UV rays. This is regardless of where or when you buy them. When buying sunglasses, check for a UV 400 label. It is an indication of total protection and up to 400 wavelength strength. You can also buy wrap-around sunglasses to ensure the side of your eyes is protected from the conditions mentioned above.

While at it, choose polarized lenses to reduce glare and reflections on flat surfaces. There is a lot of water and snow during winter. So, you need polarized sunglasses. These are some essential qualities to check. However, the main essential point is to choose sunglasses that offer 100% protection against UV rays.

From the details above, you can confess that buying sunglasses during winter is a thoughtful step. Your eyes need total protection from the harsh conditions that come with the cold weather. So, take time to choose the right glasses for UV protection, glare, and safety. You can buy them from an optical shop or an online store you can trust.


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