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Men Fashion: Tips to Help You Dress Better

Dressing well as a guy sends many positive attributes about you and your personality. It shows how organized, assertive and confident you are.

A well-groomed man attracts the right attention, and firms would easily hire who seems organized and smart. Any pretty lady would also want to date a well-dressed and composed guy.

Please note that your outfit is the first thing people will notice and probably judge you from that even before you utter a word. Choosing the best outfit from IRO for men will improve your outlook, enhance your confidence and impress the ones you meet. This guide looks at helpful tips to help you stand out among others as a man.

Size Down

One of the big grooming mistakes many men make is rocking clothes that don't fit them. Some put on pants that are a several inches more than their build. The other issue is putting on shirts with overly long sleeves or too wide. Some even wear suits that make them appear like 'scarecrows.'

Most of these issues have a simple solution. All you do is size down your clothes to fit your body. Rock fitting clothes that make you feel comfortable and confident in yourself.

Put on fewer patterns.

Combining different patterns and colors in your clothing has to be the hardest thing even fashionistas have to deal with. First of all, it is crucial to stick to solid colors to avoid mixing up all the colors.

With patterns, you should try one pattern in one outfit. For example, a gingham shirt will go well with a solid jacket, and a plaid coat will work perfectly with a solid tie.

Also, try patterns that come with only one or two colors. You will find outfits such as a madras shirt has diverse colors and building an outfit around this is quite hard. If you love colorful patterned shirts, keep the other outfit simple with solid or neutral colors.

Understand your style and the occasion

Dress according to the image you want to project and the activities you do in life. Trending fashion is excellent, especially if it complements what you do daily.

Stay true to yourself and embrace what you love as you choose what to wear. If you are not a sports lover, there is no need to hop on the trending football jerseys while handling your weekend activities. However, if you are going to watch a football match, it would be better you wear sports attire or casual.

If you are dressing for school or work, respect the environment's culture and dress professionally. Make yourself appear competent for the task.

Try colors but do not overdo it.

Some men love keeping it simple with their outfits, but others love colored outfits. As much as you may fancy the bright, stylish, and sensational colors, make sure you know how to do it. Some guys will rock these colors since they have no better alternative. Know your colors well and how to match them.

Putting on different colors for one outfit could be great but also could turn out wrong. However, understand that even rocking just one color could tarnish your entire outfit if you do not know how to choose. If you want to have it right with colors, ensure you use it in small doses. Your wardrobe should have more neutral colors if you cannot effectively combine different colors for your day's outfit.

Neutral colors could be earth tones such as khaki, cream, brown, white, black, and tan. You could also add navy, olive, and other blue shades since these are universally flattering and quite versatile.

Impressive shoes speak a lot.

Upgrade your shoe collection if you want to enhance your looks incredibly. Many men will wear the wrong shoes for different occasions. You will be shocked to meet with guys rocking casual shoes to business meetings. Well, it does not mean that you put on fancier shoes, but wear appropriate shoes for different occasions.

Business meetings should entail a professional outlook and official shoes. If you are going out on the weekend, consider some sneakers or open shoes. Trendy shoes are also great, but they should be suitable for the occasion you are gracing.

Dressing well as a man is not as complicated if you have the right information. Follow these valuable hacks to dress better. Let people see you as a positive and assertive person. As mentioned, your dress-up speaks volumes of your personality and character. Keep it fashionable and appropriate.


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