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MAJOR. Puts Mental Health First With His New Album

There is a saying “it's okay to not be okay.” But what happens when we literally are not okay? Do we run and hide from others and ourselves? Do we speak up and speak out? Truthfully, no one has the ultimate answer on dealing with mental health. However, if we normalize the conversation and let go of the stigma, mental health can be tackled and defeated.

It’s always refreshing to see celebrities and other public figures use their platform for mental health awareness. It shows that they too understand the struggle and know that it's real. Grammy-nominated singer-songwriter and actor MAJOR., known for his hit single Why I Love You, is dropping his first motivating mental health album entitled MAJOR.HOPE Motivations.

MAJOR.HOPE Motivations is a spoken word album that tackles, targets, and strengthens your spirit by none other than MAJOR. himself. Songs such as The Moment, which makes you realize that being present is a present, is just one example of how this album speaks volumes. For an artist who is known as the “Hope Dealer,” this is a monumental moment that will enlighten and encourage millions across the world.

What urged you to use your platform to create awareness for mental health? 

MAJOR.: Firstly, it’s my why and it’s my purpose. It’s my God assignment. Early on in life, I was awakened to this life call to assure I help people from all walks of life to hope and heal. I have the language. It comes naturally to me and whether it’s entertainment or simple conversations, the amplification of HOPE is what I’m going to do. Too many are hurting in silence and just as many are hurting out loud. I choose to respond with a remedy: MAJOR.HOPE.

You are affectionately known as music’s “Hope Dealer”. Explain what that title means to you and your audience. 

MAJOR.: I must shout out Billy Johnson who is a music journalist, formally of Yahoo! Music. He publicly declared me the “Hope Dealer” of mainstream music. It fit so perfectly with who I’ve always been. I deal with hope on a regular. I can’t stand to witness folks or communities bound by hopelessness. Hope will never be canceled. 

Tell me more about the creation of MAJOR.HOPE Motivations. Were there breakthroughs during this process? How has this changed your life?

MAJOR.: MAJOR.HOPE Motivations is my response to the cry of the earth. Even for myself. I realized [especially in this Pandemic] the hope I give is the hope I must live. I sing about hope in love and life often. But this time, I felt it was necessary to simply speak it and make it plain. This meditative album is a daily-life companion one can reference as often as needed. It’s full of quick resets of unapologetic motivation. If you haven’t heard it, get to it, and thank me later. And yes, new MAJOR. music is on the way! 

In African American families, the norm is for us to push issues under the rug. Has this affected you in any way? What’s your stance on families opening to one another? 

MAJOR.: It’s easier for most to simply not address the broken things. But you can’t heal what you don’t reveal or deal with. Even a doctor’s first question is, “What seems to be the problem?” Societal construct has made it uncomfortable to heal openly. Historically in the African American community, we have been limited in our right to both hope and heal at the same time. Systems didn’t and many still don’t allow space for the two to co-exist. Meaning you can hope in public, but don’t you dare heal in public. Enough of that! True living is when you’ve committed to both hoping and healing at the same time. Be it family or community, let the truth set you free!

In the music industry, it can be a dog-eat-dog and cruel world. What advice would you give a young Black male wanting to break into the industry? How would you tell them to protect their mental?

MAJOR.: Your peace and your prize can only be won and kept when you lean into the excellence of your authentic self. Authenticity is a superpower. The world needs what you bring, not a copy of what’s already been brought. The true ones last longer. 

The Moment is one of my favorites from the album. Explain that track in your own words why this is so important. 

MAJOR.: Those are my own words (laughs)! I really dig “The Moment”. I found myself missing a lot of dope stuff that was happening in my life in real-time; simply because I was caught up on what hadn’t happened yet for me. That’s whack! Being present is a present. “Read that again!” Our right-now moments are full of answers we’ve hoped for. But when we rush a good thing trying to get to another thing, we miss the treasure of God’s reply. I say it often - #PACEisGRACE don’t rush.

Stream MAJOR.HOPE Motivations on all streaming platforms.

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Eric Cartman
Eric Cartman
14 de out. de 2022

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