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Mahershala Ali Shows What Happens If You Could Extend Your Death Date in 'Swan Song'

Death is an inevitable moment of life, but if you had the chance to prevent those you love from experiencing the pain of losing you, would you take the chance?

Oscar-winner Mahershala Ali answers that very question in the new sci-fi drama movie Swan Song that also stars Oscar nominee Naomie Harris and Glenn Close and is written/directed by Benjamin Cleary. In the film, Cameron (played by Mahershala) doesn't have long to live but his wife Poppy (played by Naomie) and child have no idea that he is sick and coming to his last days. He decides to hold on to his diagnosis in order to protect them from sadness. During this time he decides to search for help and comes across Dr. Scott (played by Glenn Close) who has a hospice facility that also offers cloning services. With this, he hopes to create a new version of himself while he awaits his death date.

Swan Song allows us to join Cameron while he goes through his own personal five stages of grief (denial, anger, bargaining, depression, acceptance) while losing himself to a new version of himself.

Swan Song is now streaming on Apple TV+.


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