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Is Insecure’s Final Season Lackluster or Just What You Need to Wrap Up A Series

Here we are at the final season of HBO’s Insecure, and fans are left feeling underwhelmed. Most are expressing that this final season is lackluster and without excitement. Well, exactly what do they want? The series is coming to an end, so there’s no reason to build an arch or create a cliffhanger season. The objective is to wrap up the storylines in hopes of leaving the viewers satisfied and at peace.

Insecure has always presented realism in the truest form. It properly depicted the life of someone in their mid 30’s. Life for many in their mid 30’s sits at the intersection of exciting and sometimes boring. While some are bored with the lack of excitement, the show is doing a fantastic job keeping a slow and enticing build, all while keeping it real. The show’s three main characters are dealing with real life this season, and these are the things that most are presented within their 30’s. Sure, Issa sneaking around with Daniel was entertaining to watch, but it also landed her on a sofa in his living room. Do you still want to see Issa sleeping on Daniel’s sofa getting one shot off in her eye? We are observing real growth. Everyone’s growth doesn’t look the same, and sometimes growth isn’t as entertaining as drama and messiness. Had this final season been full of that, then the show would have been in vain. Instead, we’re viewing the real growth of a millennial. The underlying story of the season is growth, which in hindsight has been the series overall theme.

In the first episode of the series, Issa is welcoming change into her life as she’s celebrating her 29th birthday and the end of her 5-year relationship. And here we are in the final season with a lot of change, including whether she wants that relationship back. Season five is showcasing how the three main characters are evolving from the things they’ve struggled with in season one. We see how they’ve been compartmentalizing how to move forward with life, and how they are finally reaching those destinations.

It’s sad we won’t get to see more character development from Kelli, or dive into Tiffany’s seemingly picture-perfect marriage, but we’re witnessing Molly’s submission to love. The final season seems as if it’s written to be a full-circle season, which is ideal and standard for the final season of a series. Over the five seasons, Insecure has done a phenomenal job at displaying the Black experience and being a scope into Black adulthood. Insecure will forever be a cultural work of art, as well as a revolution.

Photo Credit: Merie Wallace/HBO


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