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QG's Managing Editor Reviews The Google Pixel 6 Pro

With days before Christmas, most of us will be running around looking for the perfect gift. I can tell you that gift is the Google Pixel 6 Pro.

Google's latest pixel has a sleek design and is the best android camera on the market. It's an influencer's dream. Yes, the price point of $899 may be scary, but the value of the phone is there and the price is cheaper than other smartphones out there.

The big bar on the back hides three cameras: a 12-megapixel ultrawide; a 48-megapixel telephoto that offers 4x optical zoom; and the main camera that uses a larger 1/1.3-inch sensor, which Google says captures 2.5x more light than the Pixel 5. The cameras on the Pixel phones have always been excellent, and this new generation is no different. As a lover of all things photography, the camera on this phone is a pleasant surprise. The camera is the highlight of this phone.

Google’s display technology is impressive. It offers great picture quality, the brightness levels are consistent, and it’s huge at 6.7 inches. As an iPhone user for many years, the Google Pixel 6 Pro will capture the attention of the most die-hard fan of iPhones.

The smartphone is a great software experience and is on par with Apple as far as design. It comes with fast-charging and wireless charging technology and the battery life will get you throughout your day. #TeamPixel will also be happy to know that the phone is also water and dust-resistant. No, do not go jump in a pool of water!

The Google Pixel 6 Pro feels new, which is a difficult task to achieve after having previous ones on the market. All in all, you are sure to be satisfied with Google's latest device.


With its elegant design, Google's most recent Pixel boasts the greatest Android camera available. An influencer's paradise, really.

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