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Gift Ideas Brought to You By Google

We went straight to Christmas! Did not pass go. Did not collect $200. Christmas is here. Hopefully, the shock has worn off and now you can start working on your gift list. Thankfully, our editors have a few items that you can buy to cross off some of the people on your list. Our team reviewed three items from Google that will be the perfect gift for the person who cooks, the solopreneur and the health-conscious man. Check out what they thought about the following products.

If you’re looking for the perfect accessory for your kitchen, the Nest Hub Max is it. Although the Nest Hub Max can be used anywhere in the house, after using it for the last two months, it has been perfect inside my kitchen. If you like preparing your meals with music in the background its 3” Woofer premium stereo speakers make sure your favorite songs sound great. The smart display with built in camera for video calls also allows me to give my grandma a call when I’m cooking so she can tell me exactly how she makes her special barbecue sauce. My favorite feature of the Nest Hub Max is its personal assistant capabilities. I am able to add things to my to-do list, search the web and review my schedule. It’s the perfect helper inside the kitchen.

- Reviewed By Eric K. Thomas

The Nest Audio by Google is perfect for a solopreneur like me. The chicly designed digital assistant capability will assist with your daily tasks on-demand with ease and time-efficiency. Its functionalities like managing calendars, taking memos, and smart-home pairing help to stay organized and adhere to deadlines. Not to mention turning my at-home office into a concert hall for one with its crisp sound from the built-in tweeter and woofer. The Nest Audio makes a great gift for anyone, especially the hustlers in your life.

- Reviewed By Dane Young

Google’s Fit Bit Sense is the perfect gift for the holidays. We all know that during this time of year, staying in shape and prioritizing our health is difficult to do. Fit Bit Sense helps keep me on track. Google’s most advanced health smartwatch makes it easier for me to make smarter choices for my well-being. I needed help dealing with the stress that comes with life, especially over the last two years. With its innovative sensors that track the health metrics of my sleep, I have been able to prioritize self-care. The Fit Bit Sensor also helps me manage my stress. When you order yours, take advantage of the 6-month Fitbit premium membership and daily readiness score with your purchase.

- Reviewed By Justin D. Jenkins

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